Turn lookers into bookers by injecting authentic user-generated content into your travel marketing

56% of travellers

say user-generated content is the most
influential content type when making
booking decisions.

52% of people

would give a brand permission to use
an image or video they posted of
a recent trip in their marketing.

Turn lookers into bookers by injecting authentic user-generated content into your travel marketing

Solving the challenges enterprise travel brands face

Whether it’s the resource drain that branded content demands or the fact today’s travel seekers simply need more authenticity, we can solve the challenges enterprise travel brands face through scalable, high-performing UGC.


Updating branded content is expensive

Visuals are fundamental to inspiring customers looking to travel, but their production doesn’t come cheap, and content budgets are limited.

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Rather than creating content, our UGC solution helps you curate from an endless stream of freely-available customer content. This can be reused throughout your multi-channel marketing and continually refreshed at no extra cost.


People want real, not perfect

People have become numb to the swarms of polished branded visuals that seek to ‘sell’, responding better to customer content that simply cannot be manufactured.

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User-generated content offers the most authentic, trusted, and relevant visuals. Our UGC platform lets you build experiences with these—promising authenticity while engaging and influencing booking decisions.


Enterprise brands need scale & efficiency

It’s not just the expense of branded-content production that prevents its scalability, but the team-time it drains to continually organise shoots and manage content thereafter.

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User-generated content doesn’t need creating; it’s there waiting for you. Plus, our platform has comprehensive discovery tools and advanced filtering to quickly spot the best UGC available.

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Say hello to Nosto’s visual user-generated content platform

Inspire new holiday seekers and your existing advocates alike at every touchpoint, with authentic travel content that’s proven to perform, boosting engagement and driving bookings.

Core Platform Capability

Additional Modules

  • Co-Pilot

    Get real-time predictive content recommendations and save time while delivering the best UGC, with Co-Pilot’s intelligence. Learn more.

  • Asset Manager

    Manage a rich library of UGC with a digital asset manager that offers real-time content discovery and predictive recommendations. Learn more.

  • Advanced Rights Management

    Obtain rights to UGC through a particularly robust and customizable form method, and be able to trigger incentivisation within it. Learn more.

  • Organic Influencers

    Find, engage and reward your best brand advocates to build rich libraries of authentic, high-quality content that delivers real ROI. Learn more.

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Let your brand advocates tell your travel story with UGC

Get advice from our team of user-generated content experts on what opportunities there are for your travel brand. Our solution is platform-agnostic, easy to implement, and loved by marketers globally. Let’s see what we can do for you.