Why You Should Choose Stackla’s Enterprise UGC Platform

Unlike CrowdRiff, Stackla is the only AI-powered UGC platform that offers advanced curation, influencer tools and true omnichannel solutions to help you save money, boost content performance and drive bookings.

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Fuel Your Travel Marketing With Visual Content That Performs

With Stackla, you can discover, manage, display and optimize authentic user-generated content (UGC) alongside your branded assets to scalably create personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

Beyond what Crowdriff offers, Stackla’s comprehensive UGC platform provides more sophisticated curation and automation, omnichannel distribution, predictive recommendations and a next generation influencer tool—all in one smarter and more scalable solution.

Only Stackla offers brands:
✓ Content aggregation from over 25 social sources
✓ Superior rights management workflows
✓ Advanced UGC curation and filtering for faster and easier search, discovery and moderation
✓ Automated tagging and workflows to save you time and boost productivity
 AI-powered predictive recommendations so you can continually publish more high-performing content with less effort
✓ Seamless omnichannel distributions to easily showcase UGC across ALL your core marketing channels
✓ Our Organic Influencers tool to help turn your guests and residents into a community of creators who consistently produce the high-quality content you want
✓ Shortened booking pathways from actionable UGC galleries that take people from inspiration to bookings
✓ A digital asset manager built for the dynamic day-to-day needs of digital and social marketers
 Deep integrations supported by our API-first platform that can connect to any tech stack
 Industry-leading onboarding and global support so you can quickly get set up for long-term success
✓ Moderation services to help save your busy team time and human resources


Real Brands, Real Results



Average growth in authentic visual assets per campaign

Lower Costs


Content cost savings

Save Time


Reduction in content curation time

Better Results


Increase in on-site bookings

Personalize Every Touchpoint With Scalable UGC

Showcase UGC across your homepage, blog and landing pages to build consumer trust, boost engagement and drive sales.

Power your social, display and digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads with UGC to break through the noise with an endless source of fresh, cost-effective content.

Turn browsers into buyers by making UGC shoppable, creating a seamless path to purchase for buyers ready to take action.

Make your emails more dynamic by infusing them with a steady stream of relatable content that’s proven to increase click-through rates and reduce unsubscribes.

Reinvigorate your fans by creating two-way conversations that shine a spotlight on the content they’re creating about your brand in real time.