Nosto &
Shopify Markets

Propel your brand towards global success in just a few clicks, using Nosto—the first Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) to integrate with Shopify’s cross-border management tool, Shopify Markets.


Accelerate global growth without sacrificing
personalized customer experiences

Global expansion brings huge opportunities, but also localization challenges. Shopify Markets, however, solves the latter, providing an all-in-one ecommerce solution for multi-country selling. It handles localizing storefronts, duties, taxes, pricing updates, regulations, and simplifies cross-border intricacies, while also facilitating cost-effective shipping.

And, of course, international expansion shouldn’t mean compromising the commerce experience.
This is why we’ve developed an integration, ensuring all Shopify Markets brands can access our entire CXP for highly relevant, localized shopping experiences.

Internationalization made easy with Nosto's Commerce Experience Platform and Shopify Markets

Gain complete control: design specific customer experiences for each market using all CXP modules (Search, Category Merchandising, Product Recommendations, Content Personalization & more).

Accurate and effortless market targeting: Nosto automatically triggers account-specific content using market-specific data, including product information based on the customer’s location and chosen language.

Make informed decisions: receive detailed insights for each market to create more targeted and effective personalization strategies.

Flexible personalization options: choose to copy global personalization campaigns and settings across markets, build unique experiences tailored for each market, or combine both approaches!

“We’ve been partnering with Nosto to enable businesses to go global. For larger merchants, a seamless integration with Shopify Markets and our ecosystem partners is essential. We are thrilled to announce Nosto now integrates with Shopify Markets, enabling merchants to leverage Nosto’s personalization capabilities to create unique experiences tailored to international buyers. This is a big step forward in helping our shared customers accelerate their international sales growth”

Rohit Mishra, Director of Product, Shopify Markets

Start your multi-market personalization with Shopify Markets and Nosto today

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