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User-Generated Content Rights Management

Rights management solutions that will keep your legal team happy and delight your customers.

Obtain Legal Rights to Your Customers’ Content

Our rights management workflows allow you to reach out to content creators and request their acknowledgement and permission to feature their UGC in your marketing.

Turn Earned Media Into Owned Assets

Stackla’s workflows are legally robust and offer you full control over the terms and conditions of your request. We make it easy for you to ask permission for a single campaign use, or request full intellectual property rights to turn earned media into owned assets — the choice is yours.

Request Content Rights On Any Network

Stackla is the only user-generated content platform that gives you the tools to obtain content rights from any source we support.

Whether on a popular social network like Instagram, YouTube or Twitter or a more niche network like Pinterest, Twitch or SoundCloud, wherever the best customer content is online, Stackla can help you gain legal rights to feature it in your advertising.

Rights by Hashtag

Request content rights with the speed and ease of a hashtag.

Give your best advocates a shoutout and a simple way to grant rights to re-publish their content. Rights by hashtag can also provide an easy way for competition entrants to confirm their participation.

Rights by Registration

When you want to feature UGC in advertising or remove attribution, Rights by Registration allows you to request appropriate permissions and capture customer data.

Fully customizable forms allow you to capture any data you need. You can send that data to your CRM, email marketing platform, DMP or advertising platform to extend your channel engagement.

Build coupons and offers into the Rights by Registration workflow to reward and delight your best advocates.

Integrated File Uploads

When Instagram’s 1080 x 1080px default image size just won’t cut it.

Our rights management upload forms allow you to ask content creators to upload a full resolution photo as part of the rights approval process. Content creators can use these fields to upload up to 20 images, video or audio files at a time and grant you rights with a single click.

Built For Scale

Obtaining and managing content rights at scale can be challenging. Stackla’s simple workflows are designed to streamline the process to save you time and effort.

Batch processing for high volume campaigns or when you just have a lot of great customer content—send dozens of requests with a single click.

Smart processing queues ensure you don’t fall foul of the social networks’ anti-spam restrictions by posting your requests in a steady, orderly queue.

Keep Legal Happy

To keep your legal team happy, rights request audit logs keep a record of every request made with all the relevant information, such as which user made the request, the time and date of the request, the request message, terms and conditions attached and the current status of the request.

Always On Brand

Your branding and tone of voice should carry through the rights management process to build trust and increase approval rates (Stackla customers average upwards of 85%).

Craft your own pre-loaded templates so your rights requests are always marketing approved and on message.

Fully customizable workflow screens lead your customers through a branded experience end-to-end.


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