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Organic Influencers

Turn your brand advocates into influencers

Easily find, engage and reward your best brand advocates to build loyal communities and rich libraries of authentic, high-quality content that delivers real ROI.

Your customers are your most valuable and powerful creators

Get proactive with your UGC strategy

Inspire a constant stream of authentic, high-quality content from advocates with content briefs that ensure your community is always producing the best content that fits your brand

Let passion fuel promotion

Amplify the impact of your most passionate creators by seamlessly publishing and tracking their real and relevant visuals across all your marketing channels—sustainably boosting sales by tying real content to revenue.

Grow long-term customer loyalty

Create deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers by inviting them to actively participate in content creation for your brand.

Discover and connect with your best advocates

Quickly identify people who are organically creating content about your brand, rank and sort them in our unified dashboard, then reach out to them directly—personally inviting them into your creator community.

Manage your advocate community

Our fully-customizable creator portal enables brands to connect with advocates through a branded external website where they can manage all their interactions with creators.

Spread creative briefs to your most passionate customers

Easily create and distribute customizable creative briefs to advocates via your private creator portal, sharing brand guidelines and mood boards that outline exactly what kinds of content you’d like your community to create for your brand.

Reward and incentivize your customers

Motivate your brand advocates to continually create and submit high-quality, relevant content by rewarding them with incentives they can receive if their content is accepted by your brand.

Leverage authentic content from your brand advocates beyond social media

We make it easy to put this rich library of right-approved, authentic UGC to work for your brand across all your marketing channels—from ads and email to websites and commerce.