Asset Manager

Digital asset management, reimagined

Build and manage a rich library of visual content with the only digital asset manager (DAM) that offers real-time content discovery and predictive recommendations.

Manage all your visuals in one dynamic platform

Bring all of your owned, paid, and earned visual content in a single centralized and intuitive platform that’s easily and instantly accessible to any team, for any audience, on any channel

  • Get organized with custom taxonomies, searchable asset descriptions and
  • Find the best images fast with quick search, sorting and filtering that will give you back valuable time during your busy work week.
  • Control access to visuals with granular user access controls and single-sign on, and create and share collections with colleagues and your agencies.

Grow your visual library with powerful content discovery

Actively discover new visuals from across the social web, obtaining user permissions to turn earned content into owned assets that continually expand your asset library with authentic, high-performing content.

Save time organizing assets with visual recognition

Visual recognition automatically identifies and tags over 11,000 objects, scenes, events, and emotions with human or better accuracy—enriching all your visuals with metadata for fast search and filtering. Powerful specialty models are trained to identify apparel, demographics, food, travel, products, and logos.

Stay organized with collections

Create visual collections in our Asset Manager that allow your team to group multiple assets together for improved organization, access control, and asset sharing.

Quickly product production-ready visuals

Easily edit assets with intuitive cropping, filtering, and overlay capabilities that turn earned visuals, like authentic UGC, into production-ready assets in no time.

Leverage AI-powered content recommendations

Make better content choices with predictive recommendations that tell you which content will perform best with your audiences.

Dynamically distribute the best visuals across every channel

Seamlessly publish visuals across all your touchpoints: web, emails, ads, commerce, social media, live events, and more with our built-in publishing suite, direct integrations with top martech solutions and extensible APIs.

Grow your library and publish assets as you work

Access, search, and use visuals from our Asset Manager directly from your Chrome browser while also easily adding, tagging, and rights managing UGC visuals from within social media browsers using our Chrome Extension.