Dynamic Bundles

Improve upsell and cross-sell with personalized recommendations of multiple related product bundles

Inspire shoppers by showcasing auto-generated visually appealing recommendations, and drive higher average order by helping them discover complete looks and products frequently purchased together.

Showcase complementary products in recommendations to drive higher average order value

Manually select products to showcase, or create advanced filtering rules to show products automatically from specific categories on product detail pages. Nosto’s advanced personalization capabilities enable you to automatically merchandise any combination of product bundles for each shopper.

Use advanced filtering methods to create more intuitive product recommendations

Dynamic Bundles are created through advanced filtering techniques that give retailers the power to create bundles automatically with additional control over what products are shown. By grouping specific products or categories that are commonly bought together or meant to go together, retailers can create seamless product detail page experiences that make it easy for shoppers to buy more.

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Create “Shop the look” recommendations that showcase personalized complementary products

Make it easy for shoppers to complete a look without any of the work of manually merchandising a product page. Combining Nosto’s personalization algorithms with fine-grained filtering controls enables the creation of an infinite combination of looks that drive more revenue and average order value.

Remind shoppers with “Don’t forget!” recommendations that make it easy to find complementary products

Complementary products are often found in other categories across your catalog. With Dynamic Bundles, automatically surface these products on product detail pages to increase discovery and average order value.

Surface deals with “Package deals” recommendations to drive upsells

Retailers often discount products when they are purchased alongside other products to help drive sales. Use Dynamic Bundles to recommend products that are discounted when bought together to increase both conversion and average order value.

Integrations for every ecommerce tech stack.

We integrate with a selection of best-in-class technology providers to ensure consistent optimized experiences across your customers’ shopping journeys. Our patented implementation methods and out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy migration, risk-free deployment and fast time-to-market. So, whichever platform you’re on or technology stack you use, we’ve got you covered.