Content Personalization

Personalize every content element on your site to drive more conversions and a better brand experience

Automatically adapt messaging, visuals, layouts, and more to each shopper so they feel like they’re in an online store made just for them.

Nosto uses customer behavioral data to personalize onsite content based on shopper affinities and interests

Personalized content at each digital touchpoint is a vital component of any ecommerce experience today. Nosto’s powerful machine learning algorithms allow you to dynamically customize content directly tied to each shopper’s preferences so that the entire experience is unique and relevant.

Increase onsite engagement with imagery personalized to shopper behavior and preference

Every shopper’s experience is unique, and the content you show each of them should reflect that. Dynamically personalize the visuals on your site according to a shopper’s demographic, behavior, or preferences. Change everything from the photo used on a product page to the brands highlighted in homepage images.

Improve conversion rate with personalized messaging and calls-to-action

Personalizing messaging to address shoppers in a way that feels relevant and familiar to them is critical. Use content personalization to dynamically curate your onsite messaging to each individual so that they’re more likely to pay attention and engage.

Whether it’s the title above product recommendations or the information on a checkout page, relevant messaging drives more conversions, engagement, and affinity.

Decrease development time with dynamic content layouts that automatically adjust to each shopper

From a completely personalized homepage experience to how product recommendations are arranged on a product details page, Nosto’s content personalization enables you to dynamically insert and replace content elements on a page.

Want to add a new image block or add more bullet points to highlight a key selling proposition? You can make it happen with Content Personalization. Learn about the latest improvements to Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization.

Save time and effort by scheduling your campaigns ahead of time

Campaign management can take some serious time and effort, but Nosto’s Scheduling feature makes it a whole lot easier. Whether you want to schedule your seasonal sales or a weekend flash promotion, scheduling campaigns ahead of time minimizes tedious work while maximizing time for you to focus on the work that matters.

The commerce experience platform for people who run ecommerce

Develop unique experiences for different customer lifecycle and affinity segments

Nosto’s Segmentation tool is an easy and powerful way to segment different customer groups by predicted likelihood to convert, lifecycle stages, affinities, and any other combination of behavior or transactions. Content Personalization helps you create content campaigns that can be targeted to any segment to drive more engagement and conversions.

Understand why different content variations perform better

It’s not enough to just have certain types of content outperform others. With the insights built in to Nosto’s Content Personalization tool, you can start to understand why different segments and affinity groups react to different types of content. These learnings can be used to create even better personalized experiences across your site.

A/B test any combination of features, copy, layouts, and more

Testing content variations with your audience allows you to learn which works best. Content Personalization is fully integrated with Nosto’s A/B Testing & Optimization tool, which allows you to quickly deploy sophisticated multivariate tests across the full site experience and automatically.

Integrations for every ecommerce tech stack.

We integrate with a selection of best-in-class technology providers to ensure consistent optimized experiences across your customers’ shopping journeys. Our patented implementation methods and out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy migration, risk-free deployment and fast time-to-market. So, whichever platform you’re on or technology stack you use, we’ve got you covered.