A/B Testing & Optimization

Test and optimize any combination of on-site commerce experiences

Easily set up and deploy A/B/n, split, and multivariate testing across product recommendations, content, category merchandising, and more.

Prove which personalization and merchandising strategies work

Nosto gives retailers the ability to segment audiences based on almost any combination of factors, such as category affinity, brand affinity, gender, lifecycle stage, and more. These segments can then be used across the full Nosto platform to personalize product recommendations, content, category merchandising, pop-ups, and more.

Test different variations of a single page element against different audience segments

Quickly create campaign tests that optimize a single page element, such as homepage banners, recommendation algorithms, or calls-to-action.

Test multiple elements across any combination of site pages to optimize the full customer journey

Create experience tests that measure multiple elements across one or more pages. See how variations of different site variables affect each other, and drill into which segments perform the best

Automatically drive traffic to the highest performing test variation as soon as a winner is identified

Continuous Optimization is an additional capability which allows you to “set and forget” any type of a A/B or multivariate test in Nosto. It automatically allocates more traffic to the winning test variation to minimize any revenue or performance loss from underperforming variations

Surface insights into how different experiences affect sales for individual brands, products or segments

With Merchandising Insights, drill into commerce-specific insights about your customers’ preferences and your catalog performance. Go beyond traditional testing analytics to determine how each test impacts sales of individual brands or products within audience segments

The commerce experience platform for people who run ecommerce

Break test results down by segment to optimize your personalization and merchandising strategies

It’s not enough to just know which variation won a test — knowing why it won and with what customer groups is critical to making better decisions. Nosto allows you to drill down into how different segments performed on any type of test, and learn which strategies should be applied to different lifecycle and affinity groups.

Execute a wide variety of different test types across any combination of site elements, from simple A/B tests to multipage, multivariate tests

Nosto’s A/B Testing & Optimization capabilities are built in to each tool in the Nosto platform and enable integrated tests of complete experiences so you can focus on growing revenue.

Set up tests in minutes and automatically optimize for the highest performing variation

With an intuitive interface and seamless integration into our other products, setting up tests and getting valuable insights is easy. Focus on growing revenue, not setting up, tracking, and maintaining tests. Plus, automate directing all traffic to the winning variation so you don’t have to worry about monitoring the results.

Integrations for every ecommerce tech stack.

We integrate with a selection of best-in-class technology providers to ensure consistent optimized experiences across your customers’ shopping journeys. Our patented implementation methods and out-of-the-box integrations ensure easy migration, risk-free deployment and fast time-to-market. So, whichever platform you’re on or technology stack you use, we’ve got you covered.