How to Use Segmentation & Insights to Power Your Custom Audiences on Facebook

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Nosto’s Segmentation & Insights to sync Nosto with your Facebook Business Manager and action the wealth of data at your disposal on your Facebook and Instagram ads.

As you can probably tell from your personal Facebook and Instagram feeds, the Facebook ad market place is becoming more and more crowded. Facebook ad costs rose 350% in 2019, and while more simple formats like Dynamic Product Ads are an effective form of re-targeting, it’s now more important than ever to stand out from the crowd with attention-grabbing customer experiences that build a strong connection with your brand.

Within Nosto’s Segmentation & Insights, you have a wealth of behavioral information about your customers at your fingertips, and it’s now easier than ever to action this data by syncing Nosto with your Facebook Business Manager.

Using Segmentation & Insights to Power your Custom Audiences

Nosto’s integration with Facebook allows you to use your Nosto segments as custom audiences on the social platform—meaning that your Facebook ads can become as hyper-personalized as your onsite recommendation or content setup.

Using Business Manager’s audience creation tool natively, you have the option for ‘detailed targeting’. This means that customers can be included in an audience depending on the ads they have clicked on, pages they like or their age and location.

But what happens to the customer who has organically browsed your website for a given category and an interest in a particular style or fit – without indicating this preference through Facebook pages and previous ad clicks? Using a Nosto segment focusing on customers interested in items that match these particular affinities—such as industrial-style coffee tables or sweatshirts with a crew neck fit—you could build a brand-affirming campaign that speaks to those interests. For example, boost a blog post that talks about finishing touches to living rooms or leverage and share a piece of user-generated content from an influencer wearing a crew- neck sweatshirt.

Highly tailored ads, served only to members of an audience who are likely to convert sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But it really is that easy. By ensuring that you’ve got the right interested audience for the right DPA, you can minimize wasted clicks and, in turn, expect to see a notable increase in your ROAS.

Segments in Action: How Bike Stop Revamped their Retargeting Strategy

For motorcycle apparel and gear retailer Bike Stop, retargeting the same visitors again and again became slightly stale, and they weren’t seeing the payoff they were used to from their Facebook ads. They used Nosto’s out-of-the-box Prospects segment to target an ecommerce-specific segment of users who had shown an intent to purchase on their store.

Pro tip: The Prospects segment consists of First-Time Visitors or Returning Visitors who, flagged by our AI, have the highest probability of conversion based on your store’s unique onsite behavioral analysis.

After some experimenting, Bike Stop discovered that using Nosto’s targeting options to create a custom audience of Prospects within the last 7 days was their winning formula. They began to run monthly Dynamic Product Ad campaigns targeting this custom audience, which brought in an average ROAS of 7.58:1.

If you find that re-targeting the Prospects segment works well for you, why not recycle the segment as the foundation for a lookalike audience to help with your customer acquisition?

Leveraging Segmentation & Insights to Find a Winning Formula for Your Brand

Shoppers give off hundreds of subtle behavioral signals during their shopping journey. By harnessing this information as a brand, you have the opportunity to create a stand-out shopping experience for your customers that leaves a lasting positive impact. Once you also begin to harness segmentation to encourage repeat purchases, you can build a strong sense of brand loyalty and, more importantly, increase your profitability by creating repeat customers.

Interested in finding your winning formula to power custom audiences on Facebook and Instagram using Segmentation & Insights? Give us a shout in the pink chat bubble below and we can help you find a strategy that works for you.

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