How to Set up an Email Widget and Insert It in Your Voyado Email Template

In this article, learn step-by-step how to create your first email widget in Nosto to power your Voyado email campaigns.

The sharpest email marketers today use advanced email marketing strategies that optimize the segmentation and timing of their campaigns. The result: beautifully crafted and highly relevant emails that delivered at just the right time.

If you’re using Voyado to craft your email campaigns, you can take them a step further by adding personalized and relevant product recommendations to your campaigns by deploying Nosto’s Email Widgets to each campaign you send out. The best part: It’s simple, requires no development time and can be done in a matter of minutes! This tutorial walks you through the steps you need to know in order to create an email widget in Nosto and integrate the capabilities of Nosto and Voyado to power your email campaigns.

Step 1: Create a New Widget (Campaign Type)

To start, navigate to Email widgets > Create a new email widget and choose the campaign type you want (in this case, it’s (recommendation and algorithm). If you’re unsure what recommendation would work best, check out our full recommendation type glossary.

If you’re segmenting your email lists and email campaigns, you can either create two or more versions of Recommendation Widget and use each separately or simply rely on one version as each Widget can be personalized to down to the individual level. Regardless of the recommendation type you choose, Nosto offers Best Seller recommendations as a fallback in the event that the shoppr does not have any shopping or browsing history (meaning that the recommendation widget is never empty).

Step 2: Select Voyado as an Email Platform (Email Service)

Once that’s done, the next step is to choose Voyado in the list of email providers as your email platform/service provider (ESP).

Step 3: Use Filtering to ‘Include’ and ‘Exclude’ Products

In the including and excluding filters, you can decide rules based on product attributes and use-cases. For example, if your email promotes a certain brand, the Recommendation Widget can reflect this by limiting recommended products to that same brand. It’s also possible to change the ruleset later on.

Note: If you choose Personalized Recommendation or Browsing History Related, the filtering option will not be available as those reflect the user’s personal browsing behavior.

Step 4: Amend Your Copy and Visual Settings

Under the copy and visual settings, you can amend all the key visual aspects of the widget. This includes:

  • Title (can be adjusted and re-designed in Voyado)
  • Email width
  • Product image settings
  • Number of products Product description settings (product name, product price)
  • Font and font color option
  • Call to Action button (Optional and can be adjusted and re-designed in Voyado)

Note: Only the title and call to action buttons are editable as Html in Voyado as other elements in the widget are loaded as images in the email.

Step 5: Copy Campaign ID (Overview)

Once you’re done with visual adjustments, save the widget, go to Advanced settings, give your widget a descriptive name, copy the campaign ID for your widget and then save the widget.

Step 6: Insert Campaign ID into Voyado

Under Voyado’s dynamic module, go to module extensions and insert the campaign ID you just generated from Nosto in the window below “Nosto Campaign ID”. In case you don’t have access to dynamic modules, please contact a Voyado representative to add this to your account.

Once you’ve pasted the Nosto email campaign id to the reserved field, simply click save and your campaign is ready to go!

Need some extra help setting up your Nosto and Voyado integration?

Whether you want to deploy one Voyado email campaign with a Nosto widget or multiple campaigns with multiple widgets (which, in this case, it only requires repeating the process above), integrating Nosto and Voyado is quick and easy. If you have any questions on how to get your Nosto email widgets up and running, send us a message by clicking the chat bubble at bottom right and we’ll gladly help you get up and running!

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