How to Increase Product Landing Page Conversion With Product Recommendations

Optimizing landing pages that shoppers arrive to by clicking on paid ads is often tricky. To make it even worse, every click or impression is a cost. That means that if a customer doesn’t convert, the marketing budget is drained one click at a time with no positive conversions to show for it.

A simple but brutally effective tactic to improve the performance of ad campaigns by reducing bounce is to leverage landing page product recommendations. These recommendations take into account what the shopper searched for and what ad they clicked on before landing on the webstore. Alternative and complementary products are then shown to the shoppers, personalizing the experience.

Optimizing a Product Landing Page: Do’s and Don’ts

Effortless Skin uses Google Shopping ads which bring the user directly to the product pages. This can lead to an immediate exit or bounce if the product that the shopper searched for and/or the ad that was clicked on are not a perfect match for what the shopper is committed to purchasing.

However, instead of risking losing the customer, Effortless Skin uses a relatively aggressive cross-selling tactic by showing a ribbon of related products above the main product area in the first fold. This gives visual cues for even the speediest of shoppers that while the product they landed on might not be the perfect match for them, there are still a number of alternative, all based on the ad they clicked. Even more, the recommendation ribbon is automatically hidden if a customer lands on the product page in any way other than from an ad.

Step 1: A shopper discovers a product and clicks an ad:

Step 2: A shopper landing from an ad sees cross-sellers on top of the product detail area:

In comparison: The same product page when a shopper discovers the product through site’s regular navigation or merchandising elements (recommendation is hidden)

Landing page product recommendations are also automatically customized for shoppers who land from non-Pay-Per-Click campaigns such as emails.

If you are curious about other use cases for product recommendations on landing pages, reach out to us!

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