How to Adjust Home Page Hero Banners to Welcome Returning Visitors and Home Page Visitors

When delivering personalized content to your shoppers, where you choose to showcase that content is equally critical to success as the content itself. Whether you’re trying to drive more traffic to a specific category page or simply trying to increase conversion rates, it’s important to determine exactly where your content will be most effective in reaching your goals.

It’s estimated that about half of all site traffic bounces after viewing only a single page. If you’re an online retailer, this essentially means that half of all potential customers are leaving your store before even understanding what you’re selling! To avoid this, it’s important to offer a unique experience to each returning visitor as early as possible—and that starts on your home page.

When it comes to home page personalization, it’s important not to overthink your strategy. The end-goal should be to entice returning visitors to click-through to another page and eventually make a purchase. An effective way to target repeat shoppers is to create personalized banner campaigns that speak to the categories they shop for most. Here are some examples of retailers who use personalized home page banners to increase engagement, as well as how you can easily set up your own personalized homepage banners with Nosto.

Examples of Successful Personalized Homepage Banner Campaigns

International electronics retailer Euronics creates personalized banner campaigns that heavily feature the categories their site visitors are most interested in. They achieve this by creating segments that target shoppers with specific brand and product affinities based on their visit history. Here are three examples of homepage banners a returning visitor might find, based on their known interests in home appliances, laptops and Beko appliances:

Professional power and hand tool brand Toolstop uses their homepage to tailor what each site visitor sees. In order to do this, they focused on recurring and high intent shoppers by creating segments based on a customer’s specific brand affinity. For example, a potential customer may visit their site with the intent of researching a new power drill to purchase at a later date. In the process, they end up looking at four different DeWalt drills but exit the site without completing a purchase. To keep these products top-of-mind with the shopper and increase the potential of conversion, Toolstop will display a personalized banner to them when they return to the site based on their inferred affinity for DeWalt products:

Once this shopper has converted, their onsite experience is modified slightly to emphasize accessories that match their previous purchase. In this case, they’ll now receive content promoting battery packs for their drill:

Bringing relevant content to the forefront of a customer’s experience eliminates the whole first navigation step that often scares them away.

Creating personalized homepage banners within Nosto

Setting up your personalized banner campaigns within Nosto is easy for any customer to implement.

To most powerful way to target repeat customers is to create new segments in Nosto based on their visit history, product affinity or brand affinity.

Once this is done, you can create a new content campaign that is designed to only target the site traffic that fit within your audience segment.


Small touches like these show customers that you truly care about how they shop with your brand. And the setup in Nosto is a breeze. If you’d like to learn more, check out more information here and here. You can also send us a quick chat in the button on your screen and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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