Nonprofits can inspire engage supporters ugc webinar

In today’s crowded landscape, nonprofits and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) need to stand out online to reach new audiences, attract support and drive donations.

User-generated content (UGC) has proven to be an incredibly effective tool for nonprofit marketers. Since 92 percent of people trust peer recommendations more than any form of marketing, advocates posting about your cause on social networks is the ultimate form of social proof and endorsement for your mission.

Join this webinar to learn how leading nonprofits like the British Heart Foundation are incorporating UGC throughout their digital marketing mix to connect authentically with supporters.

You’ll hear how the British Heart Foundation:

  • Built a UGC marketing strategy to connect with supporters and amplify their reach
  • Empower advocates to create and share their passion for the cause
  • Develop creative mass-participation campaigns and contests leveraging UGC
  • Help fundraising goals by using UGC to spark awareness, participation and engagement

Athar Abidi – Social Media Manager, British Heart Foundation

Athar Abidi has worked in digital roles across the charity sector for 7 years. He specialises in Social Media with previous roles at Age UK and the British Lung Foundation. Athar has always kept abreast of the latest trends whilst maintaining a healthy cynicism towards each week’s next big thing.

Andy Mallinson – Managing Director, Stackla

Having worked as MD and CMO at some of the world’s most successful brands, Andy Mallinson will offer an inside look at the foundations of an effective user-generated content strategy.