Looking for Algolia? See why Nosto is #1 for product discovery

A Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) is critical to delivering a high-converting online shopping experience for customers. A CXP empowers product discovery across every step of the customer journey, all the while increasing conversion rates, average order value, customer lifetime value, and affinity. See why leading ecommerce brands choose Nosto’s AI-powered CXP to create personalized online shopping experiences that boost online revenue.

Powerful product discovery at scale with a Commerce Experience Platform

Our AI-powered Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) powerfully blends behavioral, transactional, visual and imported data into a single platform with easy-to-use dashboards, providing the backbone for retailers to take action and personalize the entire onsite experience for their shoppers 

Commerce Experience Platform

Core Ecommerce Intelligence Layer

Dashboard + Analytics

Segmentation + Insights

Catalog Explorer

A/B Testing + Optimization

Relevant Product Experiences

Category Merchandising
Product Recommendations

Authentic Content Experiences

Content Personalization
User-Generated Content

Why Choose Nosto's CXP?

Intelligent data layer

Blend behavioral, visual, transactional and imported data in easy-to-use dashboards and segments for powerful personalization across the entire on-site experience

Easy to use dashboards and analytics

Intuitive UIs designed for ease of use deliver fast, actionable insights so that you can make more informed decisions that impact online store and campaign performance–clear metrics and KPI tracking provide the power to be a more strategic player in your company

Swift and seamless integration

We offer integration for every ecommerce platform and work with all major technologies that retailers need so that we can quickly talk to the rest of your ecommerce stack.

Automation meets control

With most solutions you have a tradeoff: you either get lots of control, in which case you need to spend lots of time creating rules or you get full automation but it’s a black box. With Nosto you get both, and you can decide how much you want to alter the automated machine learning output.

No code zone + specialized CSMs

Want to run quickly? Have a particular KPI to meet or problem to solve? Out-of-the-box use cases and templates specifically for ecommerce will make sure you’re good to go as well as expert retail customer success managers to guide every step

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