Why we chose GraphQL to extend our personalization offering

While the standard REST API serves its purpose, our intention is to always optimize in favor of the retailer. When it came to choosing a technology to extend our personalization offering to various important use cases, we chose GraphQL for many reasons. One such reason was to allow retailers to send queries and mutations for only the exact data that they require at that moment, as opposed to sending multiple REST API calls which may be requesting data that is not actually required. For a more detailed look, click on the “Technical docs” button above.

Extending Personalization through GraphQL

Nosto’s GraphQL channels the power of our AI-powered digital commerce personalization technology straight to your fingertips. It sits at the heart of our omnichannel offering by allowing retailers to power In-Store Personalization and native Mobile App Personalization experiences through countless use cases.

For technical documentation and workflows of how our GraphQL works, click on “Technical Docs” below:

Technical Docs

Use Cases

In-Store Personalization

Connect your onsite behavioral data and transactional data with your bricks and mortar transactional data and shopper interactions to offer true omnichannel shopping experiences.

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Mobile App Personalization

Personalize the shopping experience directly inside your own native mobile app, progressive web app, or single page app: including content, product recommendations, and pop-ups.

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