Putting generative AI at the heart of Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) by integrating with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other third party models to augment and enrich features and functionality

Access more diverse and richer data sets by blending predictive AI with the latest generative AI in Nosto’s CXP

We’re continually innovating to bring products to market that are valuable and that change the way online brands engage with their customers. So we’re integrating with OpenAI and other third party generative AI models to give our merchants the power to take personalized customer experiences to the next level.


Deliver superior commerce experiences that increase engagement, online revenue, and customer loyalty 

We already use artificial intelligence and machine learning to power our CXP (they are built into its core) and we understand that our customers rely on our AI and ML to generate better online experiences for their customers. But generative AI models, specifically from OpenAI and ChatGPT, have opened up a new world of possibilities.

Using generative AI models within our Commerce Experience Platform

AI-enhanced search relevancy through ChatGPT large language models (LLMs)

Using large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT will further enhance Nosto’s search relevancy. This will allow a shopper to find products based on much more granular intent even if they use different keywords or phrasing, ultimately expanding the semantic capabilities of each search query response and making it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for.


Dynamic AI-generated copy for any text fields in campaigns and widgets 

Take the guesswork out of copy generation by using generative AI to suggest the text for fields in campaigns, recommendation slot titles, pop-ups, email widgets, and UGC widgets. Tapping into contextual data, you can have generative AI-based copy that can be used in a single click, tailored for any audience, KPI, or goal.


AI-assisted image labeling to automatically identify and organize visual content

VisualAI analyzes images and automatically finds, organizes, and categorizes large image datasets with speed and accuracy by assigning tags to that describe the objects, people, or other attributes like color, that are present in the image—plus, the Zapier OpenAI plugin can be used to automate the workflows using ChatGPT.


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