Powerful personalization and smart merchandising are crucial for ecommerce success

91% of consumers

say they’re more likely to buy from brands that offer
relevant shopping experiences. Irrelevant experiences hurt your online store’s performance; reducing key ecommerce metrics such as average order value, conversion rates, and LTV.

90% of retail leaders

are now exploring personalization software. Don’t get left behind. Here’s how data-fueled personalization and merchandising with Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) can help you increase online revenue.

We understand the common challenges online retailers face

Whether it’s irrelevant content, manual merchandising, high customer acquisition costs, poor segmentation, no single customer view, or any combination of those issues, we understand how to help through powerful personalization and smart merchandising solutions.


No personalization = low conversions

Static ecommerce stores without dynamic personalization and smart merchandising will display irrelevant content, hurting your sales and LTV

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A Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) will turn a static website into a dynamic online store offering hyper-relevant personalized experiences for each visitor. With an influx of products and too much choice hindering product discovery and increasing bounce rates, showing the most relevant content for your shoppers at the right time will increase conversion rate (CR), average order value (AOV), and lifetime value (LTV).


Disjointed shopper data = no actionable insights

Stale, unstructured data will hurt conversions. In order to personalize at scale, an intelligent and real-time data layer is required

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At the foundation of a Commerce Experience Platform is an intelligent data layer that blends behavioral, transactional, visual, and third-party data points and offers actionable insight in easy-to-use dashboards that help you make the right decisions to deliver better personalization and merchandising across your site.


No automation = wasted hours

Great online experiences rely on relevant product recommendations and category merchandising, but a lack of automation will kill performance

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With a Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) you have AI-powered algorithms set to do the hard work for you: automating the population of your product recommendations and merchandising, updating in real-time according to shopper behavior and affinity to drive more discovery, engagement and revenue. Regulating manual work to the AI means your ecommerce team can play a more strategic role.


Rising costs = sales and profitability hit

Traffic acquisition is expensive, the cost of goods is increasing, and costs are rising across the board, so sales and profitability are suffering

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Once you’ve got the traffic to your website, a static experience there will no longer cut it. You need to ensure that every visitor is treated to 121 experiences. So investing in onsite personalization tactics will increase your ROAS, while smart merchandising will increase your profitability.

Read our insider guides to successful ecommerce personalization and merchandising

If you're looking to understand why personalization, merchandising, and content are critical for superior ecommerce experiences, then this ebook gives you practical insight into the things you need to be considering right now.


Online retailers can master online personalization quickly through the steps presented in this ebook to improve conversion rate, average order value, repeat purchases, and, ultimately, online revenue.


Say Hello to Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP)

Our AI-powered CXP powerfully blends behavioral, transactional, visual, and integrated data in a powerful data engine that presents actionable insight in easy-to-use dashboards so retailers can take action and personalize the entire onsite experience for shoppers. Our core CXP capability is enhanced with product experience and content experience modules so you can deliver relevant shopping interactions that convert.

Core CXP Capability

Product Experience Modules

  • Category Merchandising

    Deliver personalized category page experiences that accomplish merchandising goals. Automatically change product order and selection according to shopper behavior and affinity to drive more discovery, engagement and revenue. Learn more.

  • Product Recommendations

    Create a better shopping experience that’s intuitive to shoppers’ wants and drive more revenue with personalized product recommendations that respond to both customers’ behavioral data as well as visual similarity. Learn more.

  • Dynamic Bundles

    Improve upsell and cross-sell with personalized recommendations of multiple related product bundles. Auto-generate visually appealing recommendations, and drive higher average order by helping shoppers discover complete looks and products frequently purchased together. Learn more.

  • Email Personalization

    Deliver personalized emails that showcase relevant products, increase clickthroughs, and drive purchases. Nurture shoppers towards purchase with email-based recommendations, remind hesitant shoppers of abandoned carts, and foster loyalty with personalized post-purchase offers. Learn more.

Content Experience Modules

  • Content Personalization

    Personalize every content element on your site to drive more conversions and a better brand experience. Automatically adapt messaging, visuals, layouts, and more to each shopper so they feel like they’re in an online store made just for them. Learn more.

  • User-Generated Content

    Leverage social proof by curating user-generated content (UGC) from your brand’s Instagram account (incl. tagged, mentioned, and posted), syncing those authentic visuals with your Nosto product catalog, then highlighting them as shoppable content across key ecommerce pages. Learn more.

  • Pop-Ups

    Convert more visitors with compelling offers delivered via behaviorally triggered pop-ups and overlays. Convince hesitant shoppers, reduce cart abandonment, and increase email subscriptions with timely messages and offers delivered at the moment of decision. Learn more.

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Personalize your ecommerce store with our CXP

Get advice from our team of commerce experience experts on what personalization opportunities there are for you. Our solution is platform-agnostic, easy to implement, and loved by ecommerce professionals. Let’s see what we can do for you.