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Are you looking at personalizing your ecommerce store, but aren’t sure which vendor to go with? See why Dermalogica’s average order value surged among other key metrics when personalizing through Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform.


During the pandemic, global skincare brand, Dermalogica, was faced with the challenge of translating the extremely personal and tactile nature of premium skincare shopping onto their ecommerce store. They wanted to be confident their store would convert and retain their new online traffic given the scale of it, while also promising a comfortable experience for customers who weren’t used to this channel.


We maximised the impact of Dermalogica’s online skincare analysis by creating a sticky widget to follow users who’ve completed analysis round the site. This prompts them to click on a slide-out that highlights the products they were recommended with a quick add-to-cart, easing path-to-purchase while encouraging conversions.

We also created dynamic bundles to recommend complementary products to those a shopper is viewing, inspiring shoppers of how they can ‘complete their regimen’, while encouraging upsells.

In addition, we implemented a pop-up specifically for returning visitors who were yet to purchase. This surfaced the products they’d shown the most interest in during their previous visits, making them feel remembered, while also encouraging conversions.



conversion rate
 on sticky widget


click-through rate on
 returning visitors’ pop-up


increase in average
 order value

“Nosto fits perfectly with Dermalogica. At the moment, Nosto runs perfectly out-of-the-box and we can easily see the ROI of the tool—I can go into the Dashboard and Analytics and provide worth back to the team very easily. For our overall strategy, Nosto is a key part of that. Everyone’s skincare is different, so everyone’s journey on the site needs to be different. We want to personalize the entire onsite journey for every shopper.”

Eddie Dunk, Ecommerce Conversion Manager, Dermalogica

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Dermalogica’s CXP toolkit to personalized shopping experiences

  • Product Recommendations

    Create a better shopping experience that’s intuitive to shoppers’ wants and drive more revenue with personalized product recommendations that respond to both customers’ behavioral data as well as visual similarity. Learn more.

  • Pop-Ups

    Convert more visitors with compelling offers delivered via behaviorally triggered pop-ups and overlays. Convince hesitant shoppers, reduce cart abandonment, and increase email subscriptions with timely messages and offers delivered at the moment of decision. Learn more.

  • Content Personalization

    Personalize every content element on your site to drive more conversions and a better brand experience. Automatically adapt messaging, visuals, layouts, and more to each shopper so they feel like they’re in an online store made just for them. Learn more.

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