Steering Growth with Segments: How to Lead (and Succeed) in Personalisation with a Segment-driven Strategy

This session covers the fundamentals of segmentation and how to use them to reach your business goals. We’ll show you:

  • How Lifecycle Segments can be used to cater specifically to your customers
  • How Custom segments can help you discover lucrative opportunities you didn’t know existed
  • How to use Segments as a specific “address book” to deliver highly targeted email campaigns/paid ads
  • Real-life examples and use cases of Segments in action

Smart Setups for Holiday Shopping

We’ve rounded up the top site optimization tips to increase product discovery and conversion this holiday season, including:

  • Tactical recommendation setups site-wide
  • How to gamify gift searching using Content Personalization
  • The top customer segments that target seasonal shoppers
  • Clever ways to engage and convert your last-minute shoppers
  • The one feature you need to save time and effort with your holiday campaigns

Win Customers for Life: Increase Customer Retention Through Personalized Content & Unique Shopping Experiences

In this session, we’ll cover a variety of tactics and strategies you can implement in your online store just in time for the peak season. We’ll cover:

  • Creating additional shopping context for more personalized experiences
  • Using the real estate on PLPs and PDPs for a last “push” toward conversion
  • Leveraging “FOMO” campaigns to create urgency
  • Building rapport with customers beyond the transactional using content campaigns
  • Creating a big impact with content on repeat visitors to improve retention

Paid Advertising Done Right: Using Nosto to Lower Bounce Rate, Increase Conversion and Maximise ROAS

In this session, you’ll learn how to tackle common problems merchants face with Facebook & Google Shopping, and how to use Nosto to improve your ROAS . We’ll cover:

  • Creating custom audiences with Nosto segments
  • Using Nosto segments to increase probability of conversion
  • Acquiring better traffic with Nosto-powered Lookalike Audiences
  • Different ways of optimising the experience for ad shoppers & reducing the bounce rate

Race to the Retail Peak: How to Conquer the 2020 Holiday Sales Season

In this session, you’ll learn strategies and industry best practices for the ultimate action plan for the peak season. We’ll cover:

  • Creating segments ahead of time
  • Optimising existing campaigns
  • Driving results with category pages
  • Creating urgency with personalised content