Zoovillage increases average visit value by 20% using data-fueled personalization by Nosto

Industry: Fashion
Platform: Carismar

Zoovillage is a Swedish ecommerce company born from the idea of providing excellent shopping experiences regardless of location.

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Zoovillage needed to bridge the gap between their onsite-offsite experiences to hit their ambitious growth targets.

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Three-way integration between Carismar, Rule and Nosto for seamless data integration + hyper personalized experiences

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A 20% increase in sales via email Product Recommendations, 46% higher AOV and 62% higher average visit value

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About Zoovillage

Zoovillage is a Swedish ecommerce company born from the idea of providing excellent shopping experiences regardless of location. As a multi-brand retailer, their main focus is to provide their customers with high quality products and to offer superior customer service. Thus, they carry a hand-picked selection of clothes, shoes and accessories from over 100 Nordic and International brands – all with strong values.


Zoovillage realized early on the importance of personalizing their site to their customers’ unique needs. Leveraging customer data and insights is at the core of their online strategy, and they have used Nosto for onsite personalization since 2014 with great results. However, while their onsite strategy was consistently performing well, they saw potential in increasing revenue from other channels, such as email marketing. As it stood, their current strategy was flawed in that it had a disconnect between the onsite and offsite experiences, and Zoovillage needed a way to bridge the gap in order to hit their ambitious growth targets.

“Nosto’s personalized recommendations based on customer behavioral data, allows us to deliver personalized experiences onsite and through email with Rule, throughout the entire customer journey.”

Isabelle Winberg, Purchasing Manager, Zoo Village


Through a three-way integration between their ecommerce platform Carismar, digital engagement platform, Rule and Nosto, Zoovillage can smoothly integrate data from both Nosto and Rule through several channels, and deliver well-merchandised and hyper-personalized commerce experiences through the entire customer journey. Specifically, they can now power up their emails and implement a strategy that fosters loyalty, drives repeat purchases, and even wins back lost customers.




Personalized Onsite Experience

Using Nosto’s product recommendations, Zoovillage recommends the most relevant products to shoppers in real-time based on products they’ve been browsing in their current session. Since infusing the Nosto data with Rule data, the onsite experience has become even more personalized for consumers. Zoovillage uses blocks like “most popular”, “recommended for you”, and “bestsellers”, and have also introduced Nosto’s live feed feature, showing website visitors products that other customers are viewing in real-time. This adds urgency as well as social proof, triggering customers to make more purchases. 

Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

By integrating Nosto with Rule, Zoovillage can now utilize the power of 1:1 personalization in their email marketing. With the integration in place, Zoovillage can through Rule, send personalized emails to their clients showcasing  similar product recommendations to the ones they see onsite, ensuring a consistent and relevant shopping experience. Through Nosto, the recommendations displayed in the email campaigns are dynamic, meaning that they change according to shoppers’ previous behavior on the site, or show which products are trending on Zoovillage’s site at that current moment. 

This solution has shown great results for Zoovillage. The retailer has seen a 15% increase in views on existing product recommendations. In addition, sales generated through the Nosto and Rule email integration increased by 20%, making email one of the brand’s most successful channels for ecommerce sales.



The results were phenomenal:

  • 20% increase in sales generated through email product recommendations
  • 46% increase in average order value
  • 62% increase in average visits

20 %

increase in sales

46 %

increase in average order value

62 %

increase in average visit value