Woodhouse Clothing creates unique shopping experiences that yield 44% more conversions


Woodhouse Clothing is a premium online retailer with a unique portfolio of over 50 brands including BOSS and Armani.

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Personalise interactions via relevant brands, products and messaging and analyse unique browsing behaviour + affinities

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Inspirational Product Recommendations, pop-ups that add value and an enhanced personalised email strategy

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A 44% increase in conversion, 7% higher average order value and a 3% decrease in abandoned cart rate

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About Woodhouse Clothing

Since 1975, Woodhouse has been paving the way for modern menswear. Now a premium online retailer, their unique portfolio of over 50 brands includes BOSS and Armani, alongside new and niche brands, such as C.P. Company, Albam and Wood Wood. Forty years on, Woodhouse Clothing still embodies its original values, housing only the best brands on the global market, with the aim of bringing that personal touch back to the world of retail.


Woodhouse understands that all of their customers are different and unique and needed a way to personalise their customer’s experience by presenting the most relevant brands, products and messages to each individual. They also needed a comprehensive way to analyse their customers based on their browsing behaviour and brand affinities, to be able to tailor each individual’s experience and journey throughout the Woodhouse site.

“Nosto has allowed us to really dive into the personal approach of online shopping, creating unique offers and recommendations tailored specifically to our customers. With the recent launch of segmentation and personalisation, the limit of what Woodhouse can achieve with Nosto really does seem endless! Our account manager and the team have been a massive part of our Nosto journey, and are always on hand to help with any possible query we might have!”

Sophie McFegan, Visual Merchandiser at Woodhouse Clothing


Product Recommendations that inspire

Woodhouse Clothing is using Nosto’s Onsite Product Recommendations to deliver personalised shopping experiences to their online customers that are both instinctive and inspirational. To assist with product discovery, Woodhouse added Bestseller recommendations to product listing pages, and key brand landing pages (such as HUGO by HUGO BOSS and BOSS by HUGO BOSS). The shopping experience on product pages has been enhanced by including automated cross-selling recommendations that inspire shoppers and make product discovery quicker. Typically, 404 pages are plain and empty; with a view to entice shoppers to keep exploring, Woodhouse has added Browsing History based recommendations which help shoppers resume their shopping should they end up on these pages. For those who have accidentally landed here from an external link and have no browsing history, the most desired products onsite are showcased. Personalized recommendations were added to the cart page to remind customers of the items that had previously sparked the shopper’s interest but not yet added to cart.

Pop-ups that add value

While many retailers are intimidated by the use of pop-ups, Woodhouse has boldly embraced this method of communicating with their site visitors. It has allowed them to deliver strategic messages to their shoppers at the right time. With messages and formats tailored for desktop and mobile browsing, Woodhouse has carved out a strategy for their pop-ups that takes into consideration the shopper’s brand preference (showing discount messages for the brands that shoppers are most interested in) as well as where they are in their shopping journey (visiting for the first time, leaving without purchasing, or added their first item to the basket).

Good-bye to the batch email

Woodhouse Clothing’s already robust email strategy has been complimented by adding product recommendations tailored not only for each shopper but also for the different stages of their shopping journey. Their “welcome email” series also displays recommendations designed to surface new products to customers based on their first visit to the site. The retargeting email campaigns (cart abandonment, browser abandonment) include product recommendations relevant to what was viewed or left in the cart. Transactional emails have also received the personalisation treatment by adding Order Related Recommendations that suggest “complete-the-look” follow-up purchases.


Using a robust personalisation strategy powered by Nosto, Woodhouse clothing is able to

  • deliver personalised shopping experiences to their online customers that are both instinctive and inspirational
  • deliver strategic messages to their shoppers at the right time
  • enhance their already robust email strategy by adding product recommendations tailored for different stages of their shopping journey

This strategy has resulted in:

  • a 44% increase in conversion,
  • 7% higher average order value and
  • a 3% decrease in abandoned cart rate

44 %

higher conversion

7 %

higher average order value

3 %

decrease in cart abandonment rate