Urbanara sees a 94% increase in conversion and 123% higher average visit value for Nosto-powered interactions

Industry: Home & Garden
Platform: Shopify

Urbanara is a home accessories brand offering timelessly beautiful home accessories, made with natural materials and by their own manufacturers.

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Urbanara sought to improve the shopping experience to drive engagement and increase conversion rate and AOV.

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A/B Testing & Optimization, Cart Pop-up Recommendations & Personalized Recommendations by Nosto

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A 94% increase in conversion, 123% higher AOV and a 15% increase in average visit value

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About Urbanara

Urbanara, a home accessories brand using Shopify Plus, offers timelessly beautiful home accessories, made with natural materials and by their own manufacturers. A brand that cares about adhering to the highest quality in all regards, Urbanara ensures that their products are made sustainably with the best materials and produced under fair working conditions.


Urbanara faced a common problem that many retailers experience in today’s ecommerce environment; namely, it is becoming increasingly expensive to get valuable traffic to the website. Additionally, Urbanara wanted to improve the shopping experience for onsite visitors to drive engagement and increase both the conversion rate and average order value.

Utilizing Nosto’s various capabilities, we have greatly improved the customer experience by personalizing it throughout the shop, which has led to an improvement of our conversion rate and the average order value.

Elad Shochot, Head of Marketing at Urbanara


Urbanara chose Nosto because of the comprehensive framework for testing, analyzing and optimizing the ecommerce site’s performance. Urbanara knew the ability to automate recommendations would save the company a lot of time and improve the personalized experiences for its customers.

A/B Testing & Optimization

Using Nosto’s A/B/n Testing & Optimization feature, Urbanara ran tests, with the primary goal of each being to increase the conversion rate for the site. The first test alone increased conversion by a staggering 18%. A very interesting finding for Urbanara is that it was able to successfully apply price filters to explicitly upsell.


Cart Pop-up Recommendations

In order to maximize the average order value for customers, after customers added a product to their cart, Urbanara would display a pop-up suggesting similar products that other customers liked and had bought together. This resulted in a click through rate of 6.6%.

Personalized Recommendations by Nosto

Urbanara implemented personalized recommendations on the shopping cart page, which is a highly effective location for recommendations due to the increased likelihood to convert. By showing shoppers items that were complementary to their existing cart, Urbanara achieved a conversion rate of 9.5%.


Since going live with Nosto, Urbanara has uncovered that shoppers who interacted with Nosto-powered experiences yielded:

  •  a 94% increase in conversion
  • a 123% increase in AOV
  • a 15% increase in AVV

94 %

increase in conversion

123 %

increase in AOV

15 %

increase in AVV