How True Vintage maximizes retention (while minimizing discounts) during retail’s most competitive weekend


True Vintage are at the forefront of the global vintage clothing market, providing highest quality clothing and rare pieces.

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Increase traffic, sales and retention on BFCM weekend without offering heavy discounts that cut into margin.

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Content Personalization, Segmentation and Scheduling to nurture VIP customers and drive customer retention.

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A Black Friday bigger than any year before, serving customers with personalized and relevant content, nurturing loyal customer base.

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About True Vintage

True Vintage was born in 2014 by Rory Westbrook, a university student with a love for fashion, bold, stand-out designs and a passion for wearing clothes that are different to what you’d see everyone else wearing. The brand’s come a long way since 2014, partnering with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger at their 2017 London Fashion Week event as well as hosting a series of pop-up events at various Urban Outfitters stores around the UK.

Operating in a fast-paced ‘drop culture’ industry, the True Vintage team photographs and uploads 200 products per day to their site, which means time is always of the essence to introduce fresh products and content to keep their customers engaged.


Overcoming Higher Customer Acquisition Cost and Site-wide Discounting on Cyber Weekend

True Vintage is no stranger to the complications felt by most retailers in 2020: an increase in digital competition and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), with decreases in consumer attention span, ROAS and internal resources to keep up with demand.

To add to these complications, Cyber Weekend – the biggest and most competitive weekend in retail for traffic and sales – was just around the corner. With campaign planning underway, True Vintage wanted to pivot away from relying solely on heavy discounts to prevent cutting into profit margins. Instead, they set their sights on retaining the customers who already know, shop and love their brand and are most likely to make a purchase. 

We were confident that the Black Friday sale of 2020 would be our best sale yet, and were very happy with the results. The True Vintage and Nosto teams worked really hard to get everything ready well in advance, giving us time to test and optimise before Black Friday.

Nosto is now a fundamental part of our site / experience, and we’re excited to continue working together in 2021.

Guy Westbrook, Director Of Ecommerce, True Vintage

Offering a VIP tier holistic experience

The True Vintage team collaborated with their Nosto CSM to create a completely unique experience for loyal customers and subscribers. Through a VIP tier service, the brand gave extra attention to their community of purchase-savvy customers – without allocating extra time internally to execute. 

‘Early access sale’ email campaign for their VIP shopper segment

True Vintage’s Cyber Weekend sale strategy was twofold: they aimed to create an experience that offered easier access to their products, while also limiting the scope of their sale to shoppers who are most likely to convert and drive higher AOV. 

To promote the sale, the purchase-savvy customers were added to a VIP segment that was then imported to the brand’s ESP, Klaviyo. Using a specific UTM link leading back to their site, True Vintage launched an email campaign that gave these shoppers (and only these shoppers) early access to their Cyber Weekend sale.


Incremental discount messaging on Product and Cart pages

Now that True Vintage was honing in on the customers who are likely to convert, encouraging them to discover relevant and complementary products was the next step in offering a VIP experience. 

Using Nosto’s Content Personalization, the brand implemented incremental discount messaging on their Product Cart pages to drive higher order value. This messaging highlighted a customer’s current cart value and the additional amount needed to hit the next discount threshold. This made it clear to the shopper how much more they’d need to spend to achieve an even higher discount.

Simultaneously, each customer was shown well-positioned Product Recommendations filtered to show only the most relevant products. These recommendations are a permanent fixture on True Vintage’s site. 


Content campaigns scheduled ahead of time for lower effort and higher impact

Although Black Friday weekend is typically a stressful time for retailers, the True Vintage team were relieved to know that they wouldn’t have to worry about launching their personalization strategy on time. Using Nosto’s Scheduling feature, the brand was able to schedule their content campaigns ahead of time – giving them peace of mind to focus on other business needs and goals during Cyber Weekend.

This was the start of many successful campaigns for True Vintage and Nosto – one of which included the launch of a gift card banner that only took 10 minutes to implement – and the brand is now setting their sights on applying the same level of automated personalization to their app as well.

Result: 9.12% of BFCM sales generated through Nosto

The True Vintage team put their trust in Nosto to get the results they wanted – and the numbers are a testament to that. During Black Friday weekend:

  • Average order value increased significantly by 15%
  • Conversion rate more than doubled (156% increase)
  • Average visit value almost tripled

While Black Friday weekend is a sales win for many retailers, the standout win for True Vintage was that they achieved these impressive results without resorting to heavy product discounting across the board. Through a customer-first approach, they offered an experience that truly stood out from competitors and solidified their reputation as a community-driven brand.

Nosto is the best company we work with.

Ben Stanton, Head of UX, True Vintage


15 %

increase AOV

156 %

increase in conversion rate

9 %

BFCM sales through Nosto