Stylematch Links User-Generated Content Directly to the Point of Purchase

Stylematch, a fashion portal aggregating over 6000 brands from around the world into one location, offers an unparalleled range and curated styles for fashion-conscious consumers. The company uses Stackla to curate user-generated images of its products, then tags each product using the ShopSpots feature to provide more information and link directly to the point of purchase.

Adam Green, founder and CEO of Stylematch, shared his perspective on why user-generated content (UGC) is powerful for retail brands—and how Stackla’s ShopSpots feature is helping his company create a better purchase experience for customers.

Consumers love passive social engagement and watching the latest trends, looks, and styles from around the world. This is now so accessible via social media channels.

People want to be inspired, see the latest looks, and see what celebs, models, and bloggers are wearing—but not just on the catwalk. They want to see what these people are wearing out on the streets as well.

Social content delivers real-time fashion inspirations that people want to re-create for themselves… and Stylematch is delivering on this new shopping experience via Stackla and ShopSpots.

Stackla has been a great addition to our business, delivering a strong competitive advantage and increased consumer engagement.

We selected Stackla to deliver a unique solution within the fashion industry. To complement our fashion ranges, we also wanted to showcase the latest street styles from user-generated content (UGC) and make these looks instantly shoppable! Our site’s SHOP THE LOOK fashion wall, powered by Stackla, gives consumers real-life “looks” that they can easily relate to and shop from, from thousands of brands and hundreds of retailers worldwide.

Stackla has become a key part of our business. It helps us deliver a unique service to the market, increases consumer engagement, and plays a key role in driving organic growth via social media channels.

Since launching the SHOP THE LOOK wall, our bounce rates have declined, and the average time spent on this page is 68% higher than our site average.

Another key driver for our business is social media, with Instagram being the dominant medium within fashion. Our Instagram account strategy is all about street-style looks and outfits from SHOP THE LOOK wall.

Moving forward, we expect ShopSpots to help drive increased CTRs and conversions. We are removing one more click in the path to purchase, which is critical for best practice e-commerce.