Springfree Trampoline Connects UGC to Purchase

For trampoline vendor Springfree Trampoline, the power of user-generated content is no secret. The company has been aggregating and displaying customers’ photos and social posts on its site since 2012.

“Customer photos are like visual reviews,” says Saugar Sainju, Director of E-Commerce at Springfree. “Many of our sales are a result of people seeing the trampolines that their friends, family, or neighbors have. We find that images submitted by real customers are much more trustworthy and influential in the purchasing process than written content.”

ShopSpots shorten the path to purchase

ShopSpots for Springfree Trampoline

The Springfree marketing team leverages UGC at a variety of stages in the customer lifecycle, starting when a visitor lands at their homepage. A constantly updated gallery of photos and videos from real Springfree owners, each using hashtag #Springfree, shows the trampolines in action.

In addition, each Springfree product within each post is tagged using Stackla’s ShopSpots feature, which allows users to get more information about the products and purchase directly from the image.

UGC builds loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle

“In the awareness and consideration stages, user-generated content helps potential customers understand the products and see how they might fit into their lives,” says Sainju.

“Then, once the customer converts by making a purchase, encouraging our Springfree family to showcase their love for the products is a cornerstone of our social media strategy. It starts the cycle all over again. Their content helps motivate new customers that are still in the awareness and consideration phases. Stackla directly supports that loyalty phase.”

Fast deployment, short time to value

The Springfree marketing team found the deployment process simple and straightforward. “We configured our aggregation terms in one sitting,” says Katherine Buharina, Social Media Manager at Springfree. “And implementing our content displays took a total of a couple days, at the most, including testing.”

“Stackla has made it easier for us to aggregate a lot more content than we did in the past, and we can collect it across multiple social media channels,” says Sainju. “Stackla also made it easier to create displays for our website and we plan to use them in our stores, on large display screens. Eventually, when we’ve aggregated more content, we’ll begin using Stackla’s geo-fencing feature to display local content in particular areas. Local content is more relevant to users, so we expect to see even better engagement when we roll that out.”