SikSilk sees a 25% increase in CVR of search users and 36 points decrease in site exits from search pages since implementing Nosto’s Search

About SikSilk

SikSilk is a British-born fashion brand that has become one of biggest names in urban clothing, now with international stores across the UK, the US, Australia, Spain, and more.

As a long-term client of Nosto’s, SikSilk has leveraged many modules from our experience platform, from Category Merchandising to Product Recommendations. They’ve also been quick to adopt our new product releases (including Visual UGC), determined to continually better their on-site experience with technology that’s on the forefront.  

“We trust your technology to cut through our catalog and deliver the most relevant experiences for our customers, especially as Nosto touches so many areas of our site”, says Head of Ecommerce, Danny Clay.

With our new search solution in development—a module that complements the rest of our experience platform so well—SikSilk was the perfect candidate to onboard and see success with this.


At the time, SikSilk was relying on the native search functionality of their ecommerce platform, Shopify Plus. They were confident our search solution would bring more sophistication and solve various pain-points, especially around relevancy.

“Speaking to Phil [our Customer Success Manager at Nosto], highlighted the opportunity that Search presented for SikSilk”, says Ecommerce Manager, Chris Longshaw.

For instance, Shopify Plus’ native search didn’t provide the capability to sort search results based on product availability. This meant products were being pushed that might only have had 1 available size in stock, for example, leaving shoppers frustrated and SikSilk vulnerable to lost conversions.

The brand was also noticing that certain search queries weren’t retrieving all expected products within the results. “Queries containing words such as colors, for example, were particularly problematic”, says Chris. 

Moreover, queries in other instances were leading to no results pages—either because shoppers were using a synonym for a product that Shopify’s search couldn’t detect, or because SikSilk didn’t stock the exact sort of product being queried, and didn’t have alternative suggestions in place.

In short, SikSilk needed a search solution that would enable them to merchandise results in line with their inventory, increase results’ relevancy and, crucially, prevent dead-end searches.

We trust your technology to cut through our catalog and deliver the most relevant experiences for our customers, especially as Nosto touches so many areas of our site

Danny Clay, SikSilk


Implementing Nosto’s Search allowed SikSilk to create a global merchandising rule that ensures that, by default, all results boost products with greater inventory and SKU availability (unless otherwise overruled by the likes of query rules). “Being able to adjust our search results in relation to these ranking rules on a global level was key for us in optimizing our search”, Chris says.

Moreover, because our search solution brings added relevancy out-of-the-box, those queries (such as around color) that were returning incomplete results, were quickly solved without need for manual effort.

When it came to the issue around no results pages, we enabled SikSilk to configure synonyms as a means to reduce dead-end searches. For instance, they grouped the likes of ‘Footwear’ and ‘Shoes’ to prevent queries for ‘Boots’ returning no results at all, and grouped ‘Jackets’ with ‘Coats’, knowing their shoppers used such terms interchangeably. 

“Nosto’s analytics give some good insights around no results queries that we didn’t have access to before. It’s helpful to see what queries are being regularly made that retrieve no results—not just for us to consider how synonyms can mitigate these, but also to highlight opportunities for the likes of our buying teams”, Chris says.


Since advancing their search capabilities with Nosto, SikSilk has been able to see improvement to both conversions and bounce rates:

  • Number of site exits from Search results page (38% pre Nosto vs. 2% post Nosto)
  • Conversion rate for visitors who use Search (4.15% pre Nosto vs 5.25% post Nosto)

Their team has also noticed improvement around zero results pages, “with Nosto, everything we expect to appear for given queries, appears. There are definitely positives there”, says Chris.

As we continue to work with SikSilk in powering their search (and many other aspects of their on-site experience), we look forward to seeing what’s next.

“Valuable relationships are really important for us and our relationship with Nosto is one of the strongest we have. Nosto will always have our commitment and input when developing new products.”, says Danny.