nanobike increases click-through rate 76%

Industry: Sports
Platform: Shopware

Berlin-based nanobike offers a wide assortment of bicycles, bike clothing, bike parts and accessories.

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nanobike sought to promote only most relevant products to customers, as well as promote their local in-store pickup option.

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Segmentation & Insights and Geolocation-based informative campaigns, A/B Testing and Dynamic Bundles on Product pages

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76% higher click-through rate, 4.4% increase in AOV
& 10% increase in Product Recommendation click-through rate

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About nanobike

nanobike is much more than just a bicycle retailer. The brand, based out of Berlin, initially focused on optimizing customers’ bikes – later expanding their offering to include high-end bikes from around the world, including internationally renowned brands such as Specialized, Cube, and Cannondale. The brand’s wide assortment of bicycles, bike clothing, bike parts and accessories enables them to fulfill almost any customer’s wish.


As with most sports, cycling fanatics often have very strong brand loyalty, and the expectations for their digital customer journey differ vastly depending on what they are looking for. A larger single purchase, such as a racing bike, requires a different range of promotions and overall customer experience from lesser priced items like accesories, biking apparel, and helmets. As a retailer with a broad product catalog, nanobike was looking for a solution that would help showcase the right products from the right brands to the right customer based on their needs, as well as aiding nanobike in making up for lost sales.

In addition, many shoppers on nanobike’s webshop were unaware of the option of an in-store pick up in Berlin until the last moment when selecting delivery options. This resulted in needless emails and phone calls from customers wishing to pick up their orders. nanobike needed a solution to provide the information to local customers early in the sales funnel, without spamming customers outside of Berlin with irrelevant info.

Of all the vendors we considered, Nosto was the only one where the configuration was simple. You can also configure a lot yourself. This saves you having to write endlessly back and forth with the responsible employee and allows you to make even small changes quickly. As a customer, I always have a very good insight into Nosto’s work because they work very transparently.

Marco Matiske, Executive Board at nanobike


Geolocation-based Informative Campaign on Product Pages

nanobike offers customers in Berlin the option to pick up their orders in person, yet customers didn’t realize this until late in the sales process. To solve this challenge and educate their shoppers, nanobike uses Nosto’s Segmentation & Insights to identify local customers who are purchasing bicycles, followed by Onsite Content Personalization to display an in-store pickup offer to these customers. This strategy aims to inform customers early on in the sales funnel, preventing confusion and decreasing shipping costs while increasing conversion and convenience for those shoppers without sharing irrelevant information with customers living outside of Berlin.

A/B Testing & Dynamic Bundles

Because such a large portion of the traffic lands on nanobike’s product pages, it is of upmost importance to maximize their effectiveness. Often times customers start their journey on landing pages due of ad spend, so getting the most out of these visitors is essential. To do this, nanobike transformed their product pages by implementing Nosto’s A/B Testing and Optimization. Thanks to Nosto’s ability to display Dynamic Bundles within specific product categories, nanobike was able to effectively utilize product bundles on product pages related to apparel and exclude them on product pages related to bikes where they yield a much smaller effect. Compared to their original settings, this increased the click-through-rate on product pages by 76% and average order values by 4.4%.


Segmentation & Insights

nanobikes customers often have very specific brand loyalties, especially for bicycle manufacturing brands such as Cube or Specialized. In the past, product recommendations that were not finely attuned to customer preferences and desires would cost the company the opportunity to cross-sell and drive conversions. But now, using Nosto’s segmentation abilities, nanobike is able to create segmented Product Recommedations on the Category pages, increasing the click-through-rate by 10%.


Using a combination of A/B Testing, Dynamic Bundles, Segmentation & Insights and a geolocation-based informative campaign on Product Pages, nanobike has achieved:

  • a 76% increase in click-through rate
  • a 4.4% increase in AOV
  • a 10% increase in Product Recommendation click-through rate

76 %

Increase of click-through rate

4.4 %

Increase of the average order value

10 %

Increase of CTR