Le Tanneur achieves 13x ROI with personalization on Shopify store


Le Tanneur is a French leather goods brand founded in 1898 that sells bags and accessories for men and women.

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Ensure the success of newly launched ecommerce site with carefully merchandised product recommendations.

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Quick implementation and deployment of personalized product recommendations on all pages of the site.

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Twice the conversion rate, three times the average value per visit and a 13x ROI.

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About Le Tanneur

Le Tanneur is a French leather goods brand founded in 1898 that sells bags and accessories for both men and women. The brand differentiates itself through its timeless products made for lovers of beautiful materials and its strong historical heritage.

Challenge: Need to ensure success of newly launched ecommerce site

In order to modernize and become more agile, Le Tanneur began its digital transformation 3 years ago. This process included bringing its CRM, digital marketing, and the management of its ecommerce site and logistics all in-house.

Migrating to a Shopify store

The brand chose Shopify as its ecommerce platform due to the size of their team and the fact that they needed an intuitive tool that didn’t require any in-house technical skills. In particular, Shopify appealed to the Le Tanneur team because of the robust ecosystem of ecommerce and marketing technologies that all easily integrate into Shopify stores, making it easier for them to implement and deploy any future software they would need as their ecommerce operation continued to grow.

Need for personalization to assist with product discovery

The brand’s new site launched in the first quarter of 2020 – 2 weeks before the start of the first lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. They quickly realized they needed to implement more advanced merchandising capabilities in order to drive more product discovery. Within a month, Nosto, which is available as a plug-and-play solution in the Shopify app store, was installed and launched on their website in the form of personalized product recommendations across various pages.

Performing well, despite the challenges of the pandemic

Despite concerns over a struggling economy and heavily hit industry, the new Le Tanneur website far exceeded the expectations of Alice Benoit, the brand’s Marketing and Digital Manager, with online sales doubling in one year all thanks to the help of Nosto’s personalized product recommendations.

We are very happy with the overall performance of the site, and Nosto has contributed significantly to this. The Nosto teams are proactive and we work well together.

Alice Benoit, Marketing and Digital Manager, Le Tanneur

Solution: Personalized product recommendations to drive results for various business goals

At their core wanting to improve conversion rate with a product recommendation solution that goes beyond Shopify’s native recommendation capabilities, Le Tanneur found Nosto’s product recommendation solution. After learning about the depth of Nosto’s recommendation capabilities, the Le Tanneur team deployed a multi-touch, multi-goal strategy designed to drive various key performance indicators that go beyond conversion rate but that all lead to more revenue for their business.

Product recommendations that drive results for various business goals

Le Tanneur uses different recommendation types throughout their site to meet various objectives: 

  • Improve product discovery by increasing the number of product sheets viewed, 
  • Drive a higher conversion rate with personalized recommendation blocks depending on the customer’s browsing,
  • And increase average order value by displaying tactical products to encourage last-minute purchases.


Product recommendations on the homepage to drive product discovery

On the homepage, which is often a shopper’s first touchpoint, the brand recommends Best Sellers, divided by category: women’s, men’s or accessories, in order to help shoppers see what people are mostly buying from them. 



Product recommendations on PDPs to drive upsells

In order to decrease friction and improve the overall browsing experience, the Le Tanneur team implemented recommendations of Similar Products that showcase items shoppers often view when they also view the product detail page the current shopper is on. On top of simply making the browsing experience more enjoyable, the product recommendations are set up to recommend items that are slightly more expensive than the current item in order to encourage shoppers to make more expensive purchases. These easy-to-find upsells have noticeably increased the brand average visit value.



Product recommendations on the cart page to drive cross-sells

Finally, as one more attempt at increasing visit and order value, the Le Tanneur team implemented recommendations that showcase items often bought with the items currently in a shopper’s cart on the cart page.




These recommendations give shoppers one last chance to add complementary items to their cart and naturally drive average order value up.

Result: 2x the conversion rate and a 13x ROI with personalized product recommendations

Visitors who engage with Nosto’s product recommendations are twice as likely to convert and have three times the average value per visit than those who don’t interact with the recommendations. Within one year of having the personalized product recommendations deployed across their site, Le Tanneur saw a 13x return on investment based on incremental revenue driven by Nosto.

2 X

The conversion rate doubled

13 X

ROI YoY, based on incremental revenue generated by recommendations

3 X

The average value per visit tripled