“I and love and you” increased CVR by 4x through shortening the path to repurchase

“I and love and you” is a premium pet food brand that’s made in partnership with their own pets and a holistic veterinarian.

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After redesigning their website, they wanted to ensure that returning customers could quickly and easily find previously purchased items.

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By utilizing Product Recommendations to highlight shoppers’ previous purchases on their megamenu, they shortened the path to repurchase and encouraged subscriptions.

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Accommodating their returning customers increased add to cart and conversion rates by 4x.

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About "I and love and you"

Based in Boulder, Colorado, “I and love and you” is sharing the food and treats our pets would make for themselves if, you know, they could! 

The brand creates a variety of meals and snacks in partnership with their own pets and a holistic veterinarian. All of their food is made with quality meat and vegetables that contain zero fillers, preservatives, or artificial junk.

“I and love and you” can be found at retailers nationwide, or online at iandloveandyou.com, Amazon, Chewy, and more.


After redesigning their website, “I and love and you” wanted to make their returning customers’ paths to repurchase fast and relevant. To do so, they needed the capability to segment their traffic, identify the shoppers who had previously bought products from them, and ensure those previous items were easily accessible for repurchase.

When we relaunched our online store, we wanted to have a website that engaged people—one that was a little more intuitive. We needed to strategically target our customers and put the right things in front of them.

Jeff Spears, Vice President of Digital Commerce.


Segmenting customers for personalized Product Recommendations

Using our Segmentation & Insights, “I and love and you” learned that returning customers often bought the same product, leading them to also strategize on how to better promote their subscription service to that audience. Based on the data gathered by our platform, they decided to segment their audience into two groups: first-time shoppers and returning shoppers. Depending on whether an on-site visitor was new, or if they had shopped at “I and love and you” before, they would be shown a different home page experience to better fulfill their needs.

“The more we can personalize the experience, the more we can understand who the shopper is and what’s going to help them convert and find something they love. That’s why we invested in Nosto in the first place.” – Jeff Spears

Easing the customer journey through product placement

“I and love and you” leveraged our Product Recommendations to display different items to the different segments on their homepage. For new customers, the site showcased the brand’s best sellers. To ensure these recommended products were quick to find, and to eliminate the need to search or go any further than the homepage, the brand utilized a hero placement in their megamenu. 

For first time customers (Desktop & Mobile):


This enabled first time customers to land on the website, open the megamenu, and immediately see one of “I and love and you”‘s best selling items on the right. As these shoppers had never landed on the site before, it was imperative to recommend a popular product.

Utilizing our Replenishment Recommendations feature for returning customers 

For returning customers—“I and love and you”‘s main target for the subscription service—the megamenu began to suggest previously purchased items instead. The brand specifically utilized our Replenishment Recommendations feature, within Product Recommendations, to push those previously purchased products to returning customers. By leveraging our platform’s recommendation algorithms, “I and love and you” aimed to nurture customers’ repurchasing behavior and increase customer lifetime value by creating a journey that encouraged returning shoppers to start subscribing to their frequently bought items.

“For things like upselling a subscription, we’re always looking to see how we can utilize Nosto to create that personalized journey for the shopper, and recommending something a customer might already like helps,” said Jyssica, Director of Digital Commerce. 

Moreover, if it had been 14 days since a shopper’s last purchase, when they returned to the site the megamenu would say “Buy again.”

For returning customers:


If the shoppers were to click “Buy again”, they would be taken to a product page that would immediately remind them of the subscription service. These prompts nurtured shopper behavior by informing customers of the savings and convenience they’d benefit from by subscribing.


By implementing personalized Product Recommendations on their megamenu on both desktop and mobile, the seamless customer journey for repurchase yielded an incredible increase in conversion.

Catering to the returning and loyal customers increased conversion by almost 4x for both dog and cat food categories, highlighting that the faster the customer can find the product they need while shopping, the more likely they are to convert again.

44 %

increase in conversion for dog food replenishment

35 %

increase in conversion for cat food replenishment

9 %

increase in conversion for best selling dog food

12 %

increase in conversion for best selling cat food


abandoned carts on mobile for dog food replenishment

332 %

increase in add-to-cart rate on mobile for cat food