FOX Sports Runs a Successful UGC-Driven Social Competition with Stackla

In late 2014, FOX Sports came to Stackla with a challenge. They wanted to create a UGC-driven campaign that would run over 12 months in 2015, and they needed an end-to-end solution that would handle:

  • Aggregation of social content from the campaign hashtag #foxwow2015
  • Curation of social content
  • Display of social content
  • Social content rights management
  • Competition management via votes and leaderboards

The competition gave entrants the opportunity to win tickets to some of 2015’s biggest sporting events. It was promoted on air with the support of past and present Australian sporting legends.

We helped FOX Sports achieve its goals using out-of-the-box competition features.

The first step was to build a custom widget which would be embedded into the competition microsite.


The embeddable widget was styled to match the campaign branding.

Dynamic filters were used to sort entries by most recent or most number of votes. Search functionality allowed visitors to find specific entries—either their own or a friend’s.

Users could vote for their favorite entry by hitting the vote button on the relevant tile.

Straightforward content rights management

FOX Sports wanted to ensure that entrants to its competition accepted terms and conditions before being eligible to win. They also wanted to make sure entrants had provided permission for FOX Sports to republish their content.

Stackla’s Rights Management features provided an easy way for the company to handle these tasks. As entries were aggregated from the hashtag #foxwow2015, FOX Sports staff sent permissions requests from the Stackla management dashboard. These took the form of @mention Tweets or Instagram replies.

The Tweets and Instagram replies contained a unique link where the recipient could log in with the account they used to submit the content. Upon doing so, they were prompted to provide some contact information and accept the competition terms and conditions.

More than 1,000 entries were received in the first month of the competition.

Direct Uploader adds the power of direct response to Fox’s social competitions

Embedding Direct Uploader forms on web pages allows visitors to upload images and accept terms and conditions, as well as provide their name, email, and comments.

This data is then aggregated like any other content and can be tagged and moderated for display via the Manage Content screen.

Direct Uploader allowed FOX Sports to extend the reach of their competition and engage their audiences beyond social media—and the results were phenomenal.

In the first month after introducing the direct upload method via GoConnect, entries rose by an incredible 500%.

A fantastic result for FOX Sports and a great demonstration of the potential for UGC when you think beyond the social networks.

Adam Mussa, Account Director at Pillar Digital who managed the campaign said:

“FOX Sports is really committing to harnessing the power of user-generated content in 2015. Competitions are a time-tested way of engaging audiences. Running 12 individual competitions over 12 months is a fantastic way of keeping the promotion fresh and maintaining audience engagement over time. The fantastic response in the first month of the competition exceeded our expectations and bodes well for the rest of the year.

We love working with the Stackla technology. It’s flexible, it’s robust, and it provides a true end-to-end solution so we can focus on the campaign objectives and not on technical complexities.”