Fjellsport attributes 27% of sales to Nosto-powered experiences during Covid-19 pandemic

Industry: Sports
Platform: Magento

Fjellsport is Norway’s largest ecommerce business focused on outdoor sportswear and gear.

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Balancing the needs of various customer segments plus new customer segments resulting from the global pandemic

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Expanding beyond Product Recommendationd and taking an end-to-end approach to the Nosto platform

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27% sales attribution to personalized experiences, 8% higher average visit value and 55% less time spent before conversion

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About Fjellsport

Fjellsport is the largest ecommerce business in Norway and a leading industry expert in outdoor sportswear and gear. The brand offers wide range of products focused around three outdoor activities: steep outdoor, general outdoor, and outdoor training. Fjellsports’ mission is to foster memorable experiences that their customers can enjoy out in nature. To achieve this, they partner with the best and most popular brands in the Nordics to offer high-quality products and provide best-in-class services both on and offline.


Balancing various customer segments in an ever-changing consumer landscape

The brand’s catalog contains approximately 20,000 products that span across footwear, hardware and apparel categories. This, coupled with various customer segments that each cater to remarkably unique shopping preferences and interests, has made this balance far from easy.

Some customers might enter our site mainly looking for ski gear, while others are in a mission to find tools for camping and fishing. They have drastically different goals. – Christian Evensen, Ecommerce Manager at Fjellsport

The global pandemic has since steered Fjellsport customers to shop online rather than in-store, resulting in the rise of a new customer segment of shoppers age 55 and over – consumers with potentially limited knowledge and experience of online shopping.

The challenge is twofold: Evensen and the Fjellsport team know that it is fundamental to offer this segment of customers the best possible experience onsite to guarantee conversion and long-term retention. However, it’s equally important to ensure that the brand’s other customer segments are not left behind.

Every part of our customers’ online journey must be flawless – and to achieve this, we need superior partners like Nosto who support us with our personalization and merchandising needs.

Christian Evensen, Ecommerce Manager, Fjellsport

Solution: An end-to-end approach to the Nosto platform

To balance customer needs online and help new clients navigate their website, Fjellsport has taken an end-to-end approach to the Nosto platform. To account for every single customer segment and touchpoint, optimize every experience and gain new insights into customer behavior, the brand now leverages:

In their 6 years using Nosto, Fjellsport has expanded the use of the platform to offer a fully personalized commerce experience to their customers. And as the brand continues to grow, so has their need to expand beyond simple product recommendations and towards a more holistic approach that personalizes the entire online shopping journey. As a result, the brand now attributes 27% of their sales to Nosto-powered experiences.



Personalized Front-page 


Personalized product page 


Curious to learn more about how Fjellsport has grown together with Nosto? Listen to an exclusive interview from The Nordic Ecommerce Summit 2020 featuring Christian Evensen.

Results: A holistic commerce experience strategy that now generates 27% of sales

By expanding their personalization strategy beyond Product Recommendations and towards a more holistic approach, Fjellsport has achieved:

  • A 55% decrease in time spent before conversion
  • A 27% sales attribution to Nosto-powered experiences
  • An 8% increase in average visit value

Nosto has helped us increase our AOV and average session value for all our customer segments. When we show our customers relevant content and products, they browse longer and convert faster. And not only do they convert, they are persuaded to buy more.

55 %

Decrease in time spent before conversion

27 %

Sales attribution to Nosto-powered experiences

8 %

Increase in average visit value