Shopify-powered retailer Do it Center boosts conversion rate 85% after automating personalization strategy


Do it Center is the leading retailer of items for the home in Panama, with both online and physical stores.

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Manual personalization processes that made it hard to keep up with growing demand online


Product Recommendations, Pop-ups, abandoned cart emails and segmentation.


85% higher conversion rate, 74% higher AVV, and the investment in Nosto paid for itself in 8 days


About Do it Center

Do it Center is the leading retailer of home goods in Panama, selling their products both online and in their physical stores. Since the closure of their brick-and-mortar stores during the pandemic, the company has experienced incredible growth in their ecommerce site and have since decided to invest more time and resources to strengthen their online sales channel.

Challenge: Reduce Manual Processes While Catering to Growing Demand

Do it Center’s previous personalization strategy did little to capitalize on growing customer demand. Product recommendations were created manually, and with a catalog of over 28,000 products, it was almost impossible for them to create groupings of complementary products. Do it Center needed an automated way to continue delivering personalization onsite without taking time away from their other business goals.

Thanks to Nosto’s automated recommendations and personalized configurations based on each user’s browsing habits, product discovery became much simpler. Dynamic Bundles were one of the key factors in our decision to choose Nosto, as this meant we could delegate product grouping to an intelligence engine rather than carry it out manually.”


Solution: Automating Personalization and Segmentation to Enhance the Customer Journey

Do it Center now deploys automated product recommendations on every page of their website and carries out product grouping using Nosto’s Dynamic Bundles feature. To enhance the experience offsite, they’ve deployed smart segmentation to launch email and Facebook Ad campaigns tailored to specific customer segments.

Personalized Recommendations on the Home, Category and Product Pages

Do it Center’s Home page showcases product recommendations personalized based on browsing behavior, product views and previous purchases. As a secondary recommendation, the brand also highlights best sellers – a tactic which helps engage new site visitors.

Each recommendation includes detailed customer reviews, information on shipping/delivery and applicable discounts.


On Category pages, recommendations are based on what the visitor has viewed recently or in a previous session. For example, if the visitor has viewed a product page showcasing awnings, when they go back to the Category page they’ll see a variety of awnings so that they can choose the product that suits them.


To drive cross-sell opportunities, products in the same category that are viewed together are displayed under “You might also like…” recommendations. These recommendations contain tags that can exclude certain products with specific attributes (such as discounted products or charity donations).

Dynamic Bundles on Product Pages

To encourage customers to purchase a set of items typically purchased together and drive average order value, Do it Center displays complementary products, known as Dynamic Bundles, on the Product page. These items are displayed under the headline “Buy them together”.

Pop-ups on the Home Page

Do it Center uses pop-ups to notify visitors of sale days, coupons for free delivery or discounts (with a minimum purchase). The example below shows a pop-up with a 10% discount exclusively for the segment of visitors who have viewed the store 5 or more times without making a purchase.

Segmentation to Understand Shopper Behavior Across Multiple Stages of Their Experience

Do it Center leverages Nosto’s Segmentation & Insights to target shoppers in specific stages of the buying journey and understand how they interact with products once they’re onsite.

  • Visitor segments are engaged with email and Facebook Ads campaigns containing content relevant to their interests.
  • The store uses data collected by Nosto to implement retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads. These campaigns are aimed at engaging the Prospect segment – users who’ve shown a high level of interest in the brand’s products. They also target current customers, inviting them to make another purchase.
  • Do it Center also leverages Nosto’s integration with Klaviyo to send personalized email campaigns to multiple segments. The company also uses email widgets that display best-seller and similar product recommendations and integrates them in emails sent via Klaviyo.


Abandoned Cart Emails

In order to seize the opportunity to convert visitors closer to checkout, Do it Center sends abandoned cart emails 30 minutes after a shopper leaves the site with unpurchased items in their cart. This strategy has resulted in company has resulted in an open rate of 37%, a clickthrough rate of 12% and a conversion rate of 16%.

Results: 13% of Online Sales Generated Through Nosto

Do it Center has seen spectacular sales growth since implementing Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform. Nosto-powered experiences now generate 13% of the retailer’s online sales. Do it Center has also seen:

  • 85% higher conversion rate
  • 74% increase in average visit value
  • An 8-day investment recovery after implementing Nosto

85 %

higher conversion rate

74 %

increase in average visit value

8 -day

investment recovery after implementing Nosto