Cykloteket uses Nosto’s Segmentation and Insights to yield 2.6x higher average visit value and 2x ROAS

Industry: Sports
Platform: Custom

Cykloteket is one of the most renowned players on the Swedish bicycle market.

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Bridging their high-quality, personalized brick-and-mortar shopping experience with the online experience

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Attracting new customers through the lifecycle segment “Prospects” & Transforming navigation via Product Recommendations

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2x increase in ROAS on FB Ads through ‘Prospect’ segment, 2.8x higher conversion & 2.6x higher average visi value.

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About Cykloteket

Cykloteket is one of the most renowned players on the Swedish bicycle market. The brand aims to deliver a holistic cycling service by offering a wide assortment ranging from children’s bikes to racing bikes to cycling gear and more. Cykloteket has always been focused on providing high quality & premium products as well as a superior service experience to all their clients: pre, during and post-purchase.


Like many brands entering ecommerce, Cykloteket has a history mainly characterized by physical engagement and in-person meetings with clients. Bringing this physical experience and expertise to their online experience, and providing a personalized and genuine experience to their online clients without meeting them physically, has thus been the main challenge for Cykloteket.

We chose Nosto because they provide us with all the ecommerce tools we need to succeed online. Like Cykloteket, Nosto is also a market leader with a great reputation within the Nordic ecommerce sphere, which is why we trust that Nosto will help us achieve our vision, which is to deliver a personalized and complete cycling experience online.

Max Svanberg, Digital Marketing manager at Cykloteket


Using Nosto’s segmentation and insights,  Cykloteket is able to attract new customers through the delivery of personalized advertising experiences via Facebook and Instagram. 

Attracting new customers through the lifecycle segment “Prospects”

In order to attract new customers to the site and convince them to convert, Cykloteket uses Nosto’s out-of-the box lifecycle segment “prospects”, which has resulted in Cykloteket doubling their ROAS compared to more generic abandoned cart retargeting ads. “Prospects” is a lifecycle segment created by Nosto´s Commerce Experience Platform, consisting of shoppers who have yet to but are very close to or likely to buy. This segment is based on cart abandonment, visit frequency, traffic sources and similar behavioral signals. As patterns differ from site to site, parameters are unique for each site.


Helping customers to navigate using Nosto product recommendations

By leveraging Nosto´s onsite product recommendations, Cykloteket helps customers easily navigate between products by offering personalized recommendations and advice based on personal preferences, behavior, and unique needs.

Cykloteket’s visitors who engage with Nosto’s product recommendations are 2.8x more likely to convert and have a 2.6x higher average visit value compared to those, who do not interact with Nosto’s recommendations.



Through a combination of shopper segmentation and improved navigation with Product Recommendations, Cykloteket has achieved:

  • a 2x increase in ROAS on Facebook ads for the lifecycle segment ”prospects”
  • a 2.8 increase in conversion
  • a 2.6 increase in average visit value

2 x

increase in ROAS

2.8 x

higher conversion

2.6 x

higher average visit value