Chelsea Peers doubles category page conversions by personalizing to curve and maternity shoppers

About Chelsea Peers

Chelsea Peers is a UK-based loungewear brand that looks to empower customers to feel comfortable on the inside as well as the outside. It creates sleepwear, loungewear and swimwear that combine planet-conscious fabrics, diverse sizes and original prints.


Chelsea Peers has both a diverse target audience and a wide product catalog, and understood the importance of personalizing their ecommerce store from the off.

Inclusivity is significant to the Chelsea Peers brand, and so they wanted to make the discovery experience just as helpful for those searching for the likes of ‘curve’ and ‘maternity’ products, as it is for those who aren’t.

“There are people out there that feel that they can’t just go to a website and buy what they want because of their size—and we want to change this”, says Archie Hudson-Rawlings, Junior E-commerce Manager at Chelsea Peers.

While category pages—as a key place for product discovery—was an obvious place to start, these were especially prevalent for Chelsea Peers, who don’t only drive considerable paid traffic towards them, but also have a huge portion of mobile visitors (for whom category page sorting is all the more crucial).

You have to consider how, on mobile, the screen’s so much smaller. So the order and placement of products on category pages is key. Some people don’t even scroll below the fold, so if they don’t see what they’re interested in immediately, there’s a good chance they’ll click away.

Archie Hudson-Rawlings, Junior E-commerce Manager


The brand began by identifying their two most popular product categories: ‘All Pyjamas’ and ‘Long Pyjamas’. They then considered how these collections could be tailored towards different segments, based on shoppers’ lifecycle stage and size affinity.

Firstly, they created 2 important lifecycle segments: ‘returning visitors’ and ‘prospects’ (prospects being first-time visitors deemed likely to buy based on their on-site behavior). They then ensured that these popular category pages would adapt for any shopper in one of those segments; for instance, returning visitors would see a version of the category page that sorted its products based on what they’d previously browsed.

To improve the discovery experience on these category pages for shoppers looking for curve and maternity products, Chelsea Peers also created segments for those Nosto identified as having ‘affinities’ towards such items. This ensured that those who fell into one of those segments would be shown relevant ‘Curve’ or ‘Materinity’ items first and foremost on these category pages.



“If our brand is investing in making all of our products available up to size 28, we need tools such as Nosto’s Category Merchandising to make sure that customers with an affinity to curve sizes will see those items as soon as possible”, says Archie.

On top of this, Chelsea Peers also strove to ensure a smoother discovery experience on their category pages by anticipating potential roadblocks around things like product availability.

We also ensured that the products shown are ones which are in stock, performing well and are available in a shopper’s preferred size, so we’re not wasting anyone’s time.

Archie Hudson-Rawlings, Junior E-commerce Manager


Since implementing our Category Merchandising, Chelsea Peers has almost doubled the likelihood that shoppers of these 2 pyjama categories will make a purchase.

Specifically, ‘All Pyjamas’ shoppers are now 2.25x more likely to convert, while ‘Long Pyjamas’ shoppers are now 2.5x more likely to.

Aside from the impact this work has had on their conversion rates, it’s also great to see that it’s alleviating time for the Chelsea Peers team.

“Before Nosto, we were just manually merchandising based on sales, inventory, high-performing products and so on. But we sell 200-plus products online now, and to manage that—and all collections across men’s, women’s, kids, swimwear, loungewear, and pyjamas—would simply take too long. Also, doing it manually would never be as powerful as Nosto. It’s been a no-brainer.”

The success of Category Merchandising on these initial 2 categories has since urged the brand to deploy similar merchandising decisions across a broader range of products. Additionally, they’ve plans to identify and target other customer segments, including those with affinities to different product attributes, for instance (e.g. specific colors and necklines).

We look forward to continuing to partner with Chelsea Peers, and helping them achieve even more.

2.25 x

more likely to convert 'All Pyjamas' shoppers

2.5 x

more likely to convert 'Long Pyjamas' shoppers

Aside from the actual technology, and how that’s performing, our CSM is great, and her knowledge is fantastic. In fact, everyone I’ve ever spoken to at Nosto has been lovely, has gone above and beyond, and has been efficient at getting things done

Archie Hudson-Rawlings, Junior E-commerce Manager