How Brothers saw a 53.85% increase in conversion rate for loyal customers

Industry: Fashion
Platform: Magento

The Brothers covers all menswear essentials; they sell everything from basic garments to occasion-wear and seasonal items.

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The lockdowns that resulted from the spread of COVID-19 hit Brothers, who heavily relied on their brick and mortar stores, heavily and with ecommerce shoppers mostly focusing on essentials during this time their ecommerce conversion rate dropped, as well.



Brothers have been working with Nosto’s OCP to target specific customer groups with unique messaging whilst also utilizing Nosto recommendations, pop ups and email widgets to bring up KPIs.



Increase of CR, AOV and reduced bounce rate for visitors that have been exposed to unique messaging by Nosto.



At Brothers, you will find everything you need in menswear; from basic garments such as chinos, sweaters and shirts to accessories, occasion-wear and seasonal items too. Brothers’ ethos is that every man should be able to be their best self and that a well-dressed exterior gives their customers the confidence to do just that. They’re a Swedish men’s fashion chain founded in 1992 with 43 stores, 300 employees and 27 years of experience in fashion and service. The store sells a combination of both their home brand and also other brands, ranging from everyday favorites to outfits for special events such as weddings and job interviews. 

Their Magento 1 eCommerce store originally only supported 5% of sales, due to the pandemic this has considerably increased to 20% and their vast adoption of Nosto features has really come in handy. After originally taking on Nosto’s Product Recommendations as one of their first plug-ins, to surface their strongest and popular items and optimise KPI performance, Brother’s have adopted many more features including OCP, Segmentation & Insights, Dynamic Bundles, Pop-ups and Personalized Emails and AB Testing.


The wide range of products and shopper intentions for this store means that personalisation was already a no-brainer for Brothers. However, as the pandemic really started to negatively impact the footfall in their many bricks and mortar stores they really needed to really focus on their online strategy. This led Brothers to really up their use of Nosto to help them engage with their customers and to make the most of converting increased online traffic.

Increase in CAC and the tough battle for the attention of online shoppers this past year had Brother really hone in on customer retention. Although part of the 15% increase in proportional traffic this past year is definitely partly due to the limitations of in-person shopping, Brothers are hoping to settle at a 10% increase in proportional traffic post-pandemic. Therefore, keeping these customers is key to that success.

“We’ve had numerous suppliers approach us during the time we’ve worked with Nosto but we stay with you because we know the product is good, we can easily measure how you’re impacting our key KPIs and our Customer Success Manager is great. She sees our KPI increase as her mission and she comes to us with ideas, really helping us get the most out of our plan.”

Henrik Johansson, Omni-channel & E-Commerce Manager at Brothers


Brothers used Nosto’s personalisation products to optimise their site’s performance, increasing AOV, conversion rate and reducing abandon cart rate. They created targeting options for both content campaigns and Pop-ups using Segmentation & Insights for a wider approach to onsite personalisation and to create social proof and increase conversion rate. Additionally, Product Recommendations were then used to recommend exactly the right product, at the right time, to the right person.

Using Email Widgets, Brothers were also able to recommend personalised products to potential customers without them even shopping on the site and all of this was tested with A/B Testing and Optimisation so they could check out the new changes with as low of a risk as possible and track the improvements made.


Both groups saw an increase in CR and AOV and both groups saw a decrease in abandon cart, when exposed to Nosto features onsite. 

Over 20% of Brothers online sales are through Nosto, with the biggest improvements in loyal customer CR and AOV increase and new customer abandoned cart decrease.

Unique messaging from Nosto drastically impacted the increased online traffic Brothers saw throughout the pandemic, plans to continue the same use of the product during the spike in occasion wear post-pandemic are in place.

Eva Avellan, Online Store Manager at Brothers

“The more I get used to working with the product, the more I find it interesting – there really is so much you can do. We started with only product recommendations but now we’re really making use of the different features available on the platform and solving even more pain points, as well as increasing KPI performance.”

54 %

increase in conversion rate for loyal customers

46 %

increase in conversion rate for new customers

22 %

sales through Nosto in last 12 months