Atkin and Thyme sees a 6.5% increase in AOV since implementing Nosto’s Dynamic Bundles feature


Atkin and Thyme source a unique collection of furniture and homemade accessories.


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Atkin and Thyme sought to provide personalised experiences site-wide whilst gathering rich behavioral data.

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A “complete the look” product recommendation using Nosto’s Dynamic Bundles feature

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A 6.5% increase in average order value

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About Atkin and Thyme

Atkin and Thyme source a unique collection of furniture and homemade accessories. These low volume, high quality pieces aren’t found in run-of-the-mill high street shops—making the home they furnish as remarkable as the person who purchased them.

Atkin and Thyme have a demographic of style-focused customers who take pride in their homes. Being able to suggest a variety of pieces that create one cohesive style is very important to the retailer and can inspire additional purchases.


Atkin and Thyme sought to provide personalised experiences across their website whilst gathering rich information about the behaviour of their customers.

In addition, it was an important requirement for them to have the ability to automatically populate a ‘complete the look’ recommendation, showcasing additional products that complement what a customer is viewing.

Why Atkin and Thyme Chose Nosto

Atkin and Thyme wanted to make it easier for their customers to find the right products quickly. Prior to using Nosto, there was a limitation whereby customers had to follow an extensive journey to find products which complemented what they were viewing onsite.

Instead of manually merchandising these panels, Atkin and Thyme trusted Nosto to populate these automatically using machine learning algorithms.

“I was very impressed with the speed and ease of setting up the Dynamic Bundles. Not only have these particular slots saved us a considerable amount of time, they have also proved an impressive ROI almost immediately.”

Nick Atkin, Owner of Atkin and Thyme


During Atkin and Thyme’s onboarding process with Nosto, it was identified that the retailer would benefit from using Nosto’s Dynamic Bundles feature.

This feature allowed a ‘complete the look’ recommendation to sit below the product image; then, using a combination of product tagging, browsing behaviour and machine learning, the ‘complete the look’ recommendation would be populated with relevant products.

To start, the retailer identified which product categories should be displayed in certain product pages viewed by visitors. For example, if a customer was viewing a product page containing an armchair, they would automatically be shown a side table, a coffee table and a footstool.

Using the Nosto algorithm, the most relevant products would then be then shown for each product.


Dynamic Bundles were a quick and effective solution for Atkin and Thyme’s personalisation needs. The implementation was completed in under two weeks, with the development of a new template including a scrolling carousel which allows three products to populate two recommendation slots on the page.

The Bundles setup was also a simple one: Together, Nosto and Atkin and Thyme assigned three product categories to each bundle and selected the product category where each bundle should be displayed. After analysing the behaviour between products, the Nosto algorithm automatically populates the product recommendation.

Products used:
  • Dynamic Bundles
  • Results

    Nosto’s Dynamic Bundles feature enabled Atkin & Thyme to offer a ‘complete the look’ recommendation populated with relevant products. This recommendation is fueled by the Nosto algorithm, showcasing the most relevant products for each product the shopper selects . The implementation was completed in under two weeks and resulted in a 6.5% increase in average order value.

    6.5 %

    increase in average order value