Amazfit Builds Brand Trust and Awareness With User-Generated Content

Whether you’re counting calories or steps, Amazfit’s fashionable smartwatches and fitness trackers can help you effortlessly monitor your daily activity and sleep patterns without sacrificing style.

Although Huami, Amazfit’s parent company, was recently named the number one wearable device company in the world – ahead of Apple and Fitbit – in the U.S. they aren’t as well known. This was Amazfit’s biggest challenge: building a brand in a market where they’re unknown to consumers and are competing with established brands in the space.

To cultivate trust and awareness with online consumers, Amazfit’s Head of Marketing and Sales, Frederik Hermann, knew they needed to put customer stories at the forefront of their marketing efforts. “You want to turn your customers into fans because they’re your most valuable asset. They are the ones that can create word-of-mouth and provide third-party validation for others in the form of social proof.”

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Consumers share billions of pieces of content on social networks every day and that content is more trusted and influential than brand-created content. Amazfit understood that user-generated content (UGC) is digital word-of-mouth and customers are often the most effective at establishing credibility and amplifying awareness for your brand.

They turned to Stackla to help them leverage UGC to meet their goals of:

  • Building trust and awareness with consumers
  • Engaging existing customers
  • Attracting new customers

Amazfit used Stackla’s user-generated content platform to capture, curate, amplify and strategically showcase how customers were using their products throughout their website, eCommerce pages, community blog and email newsletters.

Cultivating Community with Trusted UGC

Trust is very important when you’re new to consumers, and user-generated content has been proven to be more trusted than any other form of advertising. Knowing this, Amazfit launched a community page on their website, shining a spotlight on organic customer content and encouraging people to “share their journey”.

“There was already a lot of customer content out there. It was up to us to curate that content and actively encourage our customers to continue sharing their experiences with our products.”Frederik Hermann, Head of Sales and Marketing at Amazfit

Using Stackla to aggregate, filter and select what content is shown, their community page acts as a hub for all Amazfit’s best UGC, allowing consumers to explore and browse how others are using their products in a way that’s inherently authentic and social.

“It’s more relatable if people can see someone else who is in a similar situation – trying to live a healthier life or get fit – and be inspired by that,” said Frederik. “It shows that there are other people out there that are using and enjoying these products to achieve the same goals you’re setting for yourself.”

Amazfit also has a prominent UGC widget on their homepage. Frederik believes promoting authentic customer content on their homepage as well as their community page is the best way to convey brand credibility, saying, “It’s this third-party validation and social proof that really convinces people to trust our brand even if they haven’t heard of us before.”


Igniting Email Engagement

Nearly every email newsletter Amazfit sends to their audience includes a Stackla UGC email widget displaying the dynamic social content their customers are creating every day.

They often incentivise customers via email to continue posting content by offering giveaways or discounts as a reward for sharing their stories with the rest of Amazfit’s growing community. Not to mention that enthusiastic customers are often excited to simply be highlighted in their emails and across their website.

Since Amazfit starting using UGC in their emails, their click-through rates rose by an average of 8 percent.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Wearables brand, @Amazfit, used user-generated content to improve email click-through rates by 8%” quote=”Wearables brand, Amazfit, used user-generated content to improve email click-through rates by 8%.”]

Tapping UGC for Blog Inspiration

Beyond displaying and encouraging consumers to share their stories, Amazfit also relies on UGC to help inform their long-form content strategy. They regularly take customers’ social posts and use that content to develop blogs and marketing campaigns based on those real user experiences.

For example, to celebrate Mother’s Day they launched a Mom’s of Amazfit campaign, sharing lessons and stories from their customers and influencers. “Moms don’t want a company to tell them how to balance family time with personal fitness time, they want to hear how other Mothers are navigating those same challenges,” said Frederik.

By demonstrating on their blog how mothers are using Amazfit fitness trackers to stay more active in their daily lives, Amazfit was able to double pageviews, increase sales by 29 percent and grow their online audience by 7 percent.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Stackla helped @Amazfit double pageviews, increase sales by 29% & grow online audiences by 7% with UGC” quote=”Stackla helped Amazfit double pageviews, increase sales by 29% and grow online audiences by 7% with UGC.”]

“We have hundreds of these types of blogs on our site, featuring everything from how our customers have lost weight to how they’ve trained for a marathon with our fitness trackers as their constant companion.”

By putting their customers’ stories at the core of their multi-channel marketing, Amazfit has been able to build trust, drive sales and create a genuine connection with their customers.

“It is absolutely essential to any consumer brand marketing strategy to leverage user-generated content as social proof and a way to effectively turn your customers into fans.”Frederik Hermann, Head of Sales and Marketing at Amazfit

Hear more insights from Amazfit’s Frederik Hermann by watching this on-demand webinar and fill out the form below to learn more about how Stackla can help your brand attract, engage and convert consumers with user-generated content.