Hong Kong-based leading beauty and fashion online retailer YesStyle.com selects SearchNode to boost its search experiences

SearchNode, a company providing premium AI search solutions for well-known eCommerce brands worldwide, will work together with prominent beauty and fashion retailer YesStyle.com to help them maximize their online store search potential and get ahead of the competition.

Kaunas, Lithuania – October 8, 2020 — YesStyle.com has selected SearchNode as its site search provider for it’s English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese websites. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, natural language processing (NLP), and advanced data processing. SearchNode will help YesStyle to unleash further growth by boosting conversions, revenues, and providing its online store users with remarkable browsing experience across different devices with advanced search relevance and functionality.

The one-on-one guidance and overall focus on the company’s business goals are what make SearchNode stand out from the crowd of site search vendors. Currently, a team of SearchNode’s search experts, consisting of search engineers and product managers, is working together with YesStyle to build a custom solution. 

It is being developed on SearchNode’s AI search platform, based on YesStyle strategy and business objectives. Custom-built ranking and merchandising algorithms ensure that the company’s online store search will deliver not only the most relevant search results for users, but will serve as a helping hand in achieving business targets as well.  Moreover, these tailor-made algorithms are  based on AI and machine learning, meaning that YesStyle search and merchandising will be free from time-consuming manual tasks.

“Customers look for very specific products and product features in beauty and fashion. It is important to have a highly relevant site search for them. Our previous site search could not support the new languages we added and was also lacking up-to-date features. Hence we decided to look for a partner that could help us to grow further and enhance the user experience for our customers. We felt that SearchNode could support our growth the best. SearchNode not just offers a site search for us but also helps us with development work to get a customised solution that fits our needs the best, –  says Erik Hohmann, Vice President Marketing at YesStyle

SearchNode will replace the current YesStyle in-house site search solution, built on Elasticsearch, by fully integrating site search solutions with the company websites and providing an unparalleled customer experience. The SearchNode’s solution is planned to go live in November, but it won’t stop there.

After the initial launch, a continuous search improvement process will start. This means that search experts from SearchNode will keep working closely with YesStyle to improve their website search proactively.  By doing this, SearchNode can offer the highest-quality site search product for YesStyle, and the company can enjoy a much better search experience.

“I am very delighted to have an opportunity to work together with such a flourishing fashion and beauty industry player as YesStyle. SearchNode is a boutique technology company, working together with each client as a partner in creating an excellent search solution. We are excited to help YesStyle in delivering the best user experience, and helping them to turn their site search into a money-generating machine,” says Antanas Bakšys, CEO at SearchNode.

About SearchNode:

SearchNode is a fast-growing technology company, providing best-in-class site search solutions. They started operating in 2013 and achieved a 200% YoY revenue growth. The company has established a successful business, with the headquarters in Lithuania and office in New York. SearchNode is used by over 120 online stores in Europe and the US, like Decathlon, Euronics, Castorama, MediaMarkt, and many others. Such eCommerce industry voices as Forbes, ConversionXL, Neil Patel, has featured SearchNode as a recommended site search provider.
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About YesStyle: 

Launched in July 2006, the YesStyle.com website brought the success of YesAsia.com’s proven e-commerce platform and technology to the next level by diversifying into beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, and quickly established itself as an exciting and unique shopping destination. YesStyle pride themselves on their wide selection of quality products from premium brands across Asia. Their commitment to quality and “customers first” mindset has helped YesStyle become one of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses worldwide, with an average YOY business growth of 35% and an Instagram following of over 1M users over the past 3 years.
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