What’s new in Nosto: Visual UGC made easier for international and multi-brand retailers

At Nosto, we are constantly investing in our product to provide the most robust and easy-to-use feature-rich commerce experience platform. Following this philosophy, our product and tech teams have worked hard on improving our Visual UGC solution for Nosto retailers managing multiple stores. 

So, if you’re selling your products across various regions or managing multiple brands through different storefronts, keep reading to find out how we’ve made your job that little bit easier!

Why are we improving the Visual UGC experience for international and multi-brand retailers?

  • To increase productivity, making it possible to deploy content across multiple stores after curating and publishing it just once 
  • To improve day-to-day management, with one single place to manage all your UGC for each of your stores

What’s new?

One place to sync and manage all product catalogs 

  • Connect multiple product catalogs with one single Visual UGC account
  • Define the default call-to-action button copy and behavior for each of the stores

  • Localized versions of your products are automatically created when the same product ID is present in different product catalogs.

Better control of product tags 

  • Search for a product tag using the product ID or simply the product name—in any of its localized names
  • Check the product details for each localized version of a product in one click
  • Change the call-to-action button copy for a specific product in a specific store

Scaled and hassle-free localization of shoppable content 

  • Tag your content with the relevant product just once, and the localized versions of the product details (title, description, and price) will be automatically surfaced in the respective stores.

  • See how the content will look in the different stores by selecting a catalog in the preview dropdown menu. 

Single widget configuration and tailored deployment

  • Use the same UGC widget across multiple stores. Any modifications made to the settings or design of the widget will be reflected in all the stores, eliminating the need for individual updates for each store.

  • Target different segments and placements based on the storefront the widget is deployed to for a tailored UGC strategy.

Ready to get started?

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