What’s New In Nosto: Placement Improvements and Segmentation Rule Changes

From UX and Placements improvements to multiple updates to how you can segment your audience, it’s now even easier to engage and convert visitors who come to your store. Let’s take a quick look at each update and how you can put it into action.

Placement Improvements

To kick things off, we’ve made improvements to how you can decide where your Onsite Product Recommendations and personalized content are placed on your site for your customers. Beyond a smoother UX that makes it easier to edit product placements, we also offer the ability to see a live placement preview while you’re setting things up. This real-time view helps avoid unnecessary guesswork or additional setup time; it’s just one click and then ready to view!

Additionally, we offer more robust DOM manipulation methods for your placements which give you more options for how they appear on the page. This includes Insert as first, Insert as last, Replace, Before, and After manipulation.

Time-window Segmentation Selector

We’ve also made some updates to our segmentation rules that we’re really excited about — the first being that we now offer time-window based segmentation. This segmentation allows merchants to more easily track the spending habits of their target customers in order to serve products, content campaigns, or discount pop-ups to encourage them to convert.

With these updates, we’ve added three new ways to take into account time of purchase when segmenting your audiences:

  • Frequent-Buyer Segmentation – We’ve made it possible for merchants to identify customers based on the number of times they’ve bought an item over a certain time period. This can make it easier to target customers with the products they’re likely to buy repeatedly. For example, you’ll now be able to notice when a customer buys a product a 3 times over 3 months, which enables you to offer that product again to inspire another purchase.
  • At risk-Customer Segmentation – We also help merchants understand when customers are at risk of churning or abandoning site to shop with other brands by looking at their amount of spend over a certain time period. In this case, if you were to notice a merchant made $300 of purchases over the past 24 months but nothing in the past 6 months, you may want to serve them targeted content around discounts you offer to bring them back onboard.
  • Lapsed-Customer Segmentation – Lastly, we offer merchants the ability to view the purchase history of their customers to help tailor the products that these customers see. For example, if you noticed a customer bought a winter jacket 12 months ago but hasn’t bought a new one yet, you could make sure to prioritize this type of clothing when they visit your site by serving them a discount popup.

URL-based Segmentation

Finally, Nosto customers now have the ability to use custom tracking parameters for their campaigns. These parameters help marketers easily track where users are coming into their site and are attached to specific URLs that can be added on CTAs in social ads, emails, and more.

Rest assured, adding on these tracking parameters will not affect the load time of any of your pages. Once this is done, you’ll be able to easily create post-click landing pages that are targeted to specific audiences based on how they are coming to your site. For example, if you’re running a specific campaign where you are showing social media ads to highlight one brand of shoes you sell, you’d be able to personalize the landing page experience for these customers based on your ability to track them from your custom parameters. You can create new landing pages to reflect the design and goals of specific campaigns or you can simply change a few elements on your site’s regular product pages to create personalized experiences for each visitor.

These are all just a few examples of the many possibilities when using Nosto’s improved placements, time-based segmentation, and custom URL parameters. With these improvements, we hope it will be easier to track, target, and convert site visitors into paying customers! If you have any questions regarding the placement updates or new segmentation capabilities, send us a chat on this screen or reach out to your CSM for more information.

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