What’s New In Nosto: Klaviyo Integration

Nosto’s latest integration with email marketing platform Klaviyo helps ecommerce professionals create hyper-targeted email campaigns by personalizing both emails and the landing pages visitors click through to. Long gone are “spray & pray” emails!

The Story of Two Visitors

Let’s assume that you’ve acquired two new email addresses by visitors to your site. One through a purchase completed by a first-time buyer and the other by a visitor that didn’t go on to purchase anything, but left their contact details via a newsletter subscription pop-up. Well done! Next up you need to 1) ensure that the first-time buyer returns to your store for more purchases and 2) convert the subscriber to a buyer.

When retailers have small email databases, the classic “spray & pray” emailing tactic i.e. sending the same email to everyone driving traffic to the same landing pages, might make sense. But once email list grow beyond four digits in size, it’s time to step up the game. A shopper in 2019 expects that email marketing is relevant, well-timed and personalised. Are you delivering on that expectation?

Advanced email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo makes building, scheduling and segmenting email marketing campaigns effortless. But are you using the right creative content for each segment, and are you ensuring your email marketing actually converts once your customers open and click through your emails? After all, open rates and click-through rates drive traffic, but at the end of the day, it’s the purchase conversion rate that counts.
This is the problem we wanted to solve for growth-focused ecommerce brands with our latest integration with Klaviyo. In short, more insights into your segments allow you to create hyper-segments, deliver the right creatives (based on real data instead of assumptions) and customize landing pages for each shopper depending on their unique customer behavior.

Let us demonstrate how it works.

How To Craft The Perfect Creative

Before looking into the integration itself, let’s start with audience building. One key aspect of Nostos’ Segmentation & Insights product is the capability not only to create segments, but also get insights on e.g what products, categories, brands or styles they are looking for and what they are most likely to purchase.

Let’s revisit our two visitors: first-time buyer and newsletter subscriber. These two visitors belong to groups that most likely have different tastes on macro-level, but they are also  individuals with their own on micro-level preferences. How do you know that the brand or category you’ve selected to promote to a specific segment actually resonates with the individual?

Data-driven retailers often use huge pivot spreadsheets to dig in and surface the insights, but Nosto automates both product-level promotions in emails and the segment (or email list) creation.

  • On segment (group) level, Nosto’s ‘Segmentation and Insights’ reveal what brands, categories and products are most likely bought by different groups such as ‘first-time customers’ or ‘subscribers’. The insights here should be used when determining the overall creative content and subject line for emailings to this segment.
  • On individual level, Nosto’s Email Widgets automatically produce 1:1 personalization elements. These product promotions beef up the main creative of the segment with highly customized content for the individual.

This is what it looks like:

Optimising Landing Pages

At this point you should know

  1. what content and products you should use as the key campaign creative (Using Nosto’s insights tools)
  2. who to target (Using Nosto’s automated Segmentation tools)

Additionally, you’ve been able to push all of this information automatically to Klaviyo that will dispatch your email campaigns at the right time.

So are we done?

Nope, to really deliver the full end-to-end personalization there’s one step left before we can roll up our sleeves: Personalizing the journey when the campaigns start to carry fruit i.e when customers click through your emails and land in your store.

Nosto’s Onsite Content Personalization and Onsite Product Recommendations are the tools to use to build dynamic and automated landing pages, customized for each shopper based on what content, elements or simply links the shopper clicks.

As an example, see below the customer experience between a customer belonging to the ‘Patagonia’ and ‘Nike’ segments. These two segments and individuals have completely different experiences when they enter the site. The experience can be based on earlier data or simply the content they click on the email, while still landing on the same page url.

How To Get Started

The grande finale is how to get started, which is to certain degree the best part of it all.

  1. Simply connect your Klaviyo account to Nosto by submitting the Klaviyo API token (as seen in the video above)
  2. Create a new segment or use one or more of the ready-made segments,
  3. Sync one, more or all to Klaviyo and you’re done!

As an additional option, learn more how to create dynamic landing pages in a video series here and read details how the integration works on our support pages here.

Reach Out To Our Team

The new integration presented here offers ecommerce professionals new and exciting opportunities to target customers with the most relevant content wherever the customer may be. Our product specialist team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this integration. You can reach them by simply clicking the icon at the bottom right.
If you want to see Nosto in action watch a short product tour here or request a demo for a personalized demonstration.

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