Our speakers

Maximillian Etheridge

Global Head of Sales


Mackenzie Nguyen

Director of Ecommerce and Buying
Ylang 23

Shani Berkowitz

Customer Success Manager



In this webinar, we’ll discuss some of the key findings from our search research, including: 

  • Why 69% of shoppers go straight to the search bar, but 80% then bounce due to a poor search experience
  • Significant gaps between what brands think their search delivers, what consumers say they experience, and what websites actually proved to be showing (particularly when it comes to relevancy, personalization, and content)
  • The results of the live site testing of over 100 global ecommerce brands’ site searches

Plus, Ylang 23 will be sharing why search is important to them and comment on how they’re using the likes of synonyms, dynamic filters, and merchandising rules for different lifecycle segments within their Search configuration.

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