Webinar Speakers

James White

General Manager, UK & Nordics, Nosto

Dan Griffin

Head of Partnerships, Americas, dotdigital

Alex Becker

Vice President of Sales, Linnworks


About This Webinar:

When a global pandemic leads to a rapid digital transformation of the commerce industry worldwide, it’s easy to understand that consumer shopping preferences would change as a result. But for brands trying to keep up, it’s not always as easy to predict what consumers want or how their needs may shift in the future. 

This webinar breaks down the latest digital shopping trends, including tips from experts at Nosto, dotdigital, and Linnworks on how to create the most seamless journeys for today’s customers that will lead to increased conversions and higher lifetime value.

We covered:

  • Today’s “need” for convenience when shopping online
  • Proprietary research from Linnworks on what consumers value in a shopping experience and the importance of a personalized customer journey
  • How to tailor products and services to provide exactly what the audience is looking for at a specific time
  • How to win loyal customers and increase conversions in today’s landscape

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