Damien Mahoney

Chief Strategy Officer

at Nosto

Griffin Mayhew

Senior Manager of Customer Success

at Nosto

In this webinar, led by two UGC experts, we’ll cover: 

  • Why the average growth in authentic visuals per campaign is +$7,900
  • How you can save 65% in content cost production with visual UGC
  • How AI drives efficiency and saves travel marketers time
  • How to smooth the path to booking with shoppable UGC
  • How UGC builds your brand and helps team retention
  • Why you should utilize UGC as source of travel business intelligence
  • How brands like The Leading Hotels of the World saw an increase of 30% in online sales, 8% in email CTR, and 11x ROI by using UGC
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Let us demonstrate why over 2,600 leading retailers worldwide have chosen Nosto’s AI-based personalization platform.