Phil Gregory

Head of Customer Experience UK & Nordics, Nosto

Catie Murphy

Associate Partner Manager, Shipbob

Erin Twyman

Senior Learning and Development Manager, Yotpo

Cindy Deguingand

Head of Regional Marketing,



Get rockin’ around the holiday season as we cover how to:

  • Captivate your customers and prevent them from seeking better deals by effectively showcasing your unique selling points (USPs) through clever content strategies on your website.
  • Leverage segmented insights to tailor your offerings and meet the seasonal shopping needs of your customers, ensuring maximum engagement and conversions.
  • Discover effective tactics to boost customer retention through the implementation of loyalty and referral programs, encouraging repeat purchases and brand advocacy.
  • Plan your fulfillment strategy in advance to seamlessly handle the surge in holiday demand, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
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