How user-generated content (UGC) is evolving travel marketing in 2023

Travelers are planning their next destination, which means travel marketers have to plan their next move! People want to see and hear from others just like them, which is exactly why visual user-generated content (UGC) is evolving the industry. As UGC has become central to how travel and hospitality brands are selling themselves, we dive into how it’ll affect travel marketing strategies this year and the years to come. 


What does this year have in store for travel brands?


So, how exactly is UGC evolving travel marketing in 2023? And what are the wider benefits it brings to this industry as a whole?

Our new ebook looks at 6 different ways that UGC is bound to impact your marketing strategy.

Read the trends about:

  • How artificial intelligence drives efficiency
  • How you can smooth the path to booking with Shoppable UGC
  • How UGC is affecting retention and business intelligence
  • How travel companies are embracing personalized and authentic content
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