Can the fashion industry sustain its sustainability?

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly impeded by extreme financial pressures. Purchase priorities are changing and the fashion industry is taking a hit. We investigate how this is affecting consumer attitudes and behaviors around sustainable fashion specifically, whose consumption was broadly deemed ‘expensive’ even before today’s economic strains.

Surveying over 2000 US and UK fashion consumers, we investigate shifts in sentiment around sustainable fashion, and advise fashion retailers on what to prioritize in making it accessible as consumer spending retracts.


Through new, consumer research, we reveal…

Shifting consumer


Want the fashion industry to be more
sustainable, yet 61% say price is a
bigger priority

Consumer opinions on the
industry’s current effort


don’t think the fashion industry is
doing enough to be sustainable

What brands can do to help consumers
embrace sustainable fashion


of consumers would take slower
deliveries to enable fewer emissions

And so much more.

How can fashion retailers offer better accessibility of sustainable options?


Through this new consumer research report,
you’ll access

  • Fresh data on consumers’ attitudes and intentions toward sustainable fashion
  • Key findings revealing a change in consumer sentiment around sustainable fashion
  • Tactical advice on what fashion retailers should prioritize in encouraging sustainable consumption
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