(Survey) How is COVID-19 affecting you and the ecommerce community?

With current supply chain challenges impacting merchandising and sales for retailers everywhere, we want to help our customers and community stay informed and prepared in any way possible.

To provide retailers and ecommerce brands with insight into what’s happening across the industry, we’ve created a quick survey that we’d love for you to take part in. No strings, no gimmicks – we just want your honest opinion on what your business is experiencing right now that will help us gather the data we all need to keep our community informed.

Participate in survey

Once we have received enough responses, we’ll share the results in a manner that will be free to access and easy to use for preparing us all for the coming months.

We hope that, by gathering this information, we can all learn how to navigate the new environment we’ve been thrown into – together.

Stay safe,

Team Nosto

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