Stackla’s New Managed Services Helps Brands Without Enough Time for a UGC Strategy

Many companies see the enormous value that user-generated content (UGC) can bring to their brand. Yet, the fast pace and demanding nature of marketing today can put barriers in the way of marketing teams hoping to realize the full potential of a UGC strategy.

After all, building and maintaining an effective UGC strategy takes a significant amount of time, thought and resources. Leading UGC marketing platforms, like Stackla, help to automate and streamline the discovery, curation, management, tracking and publishing of user-generated content. But, like any other marketing tool, it still requires regular hands-on management. Plus, by its very nature, UGC is not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of program for brands to dabble in. To be successful, marketers must continually maintain their UGC to stay engaged with their audiences—which is often easier said than done.

At Stackla, we’re dedicated to ensuring all the brands we partner with are achieving their short and long-term UGC goals. So when we noticed a number of marketing teams—particularly post-COVID—lacking the staff and the time to get their UGC strategies up and running, we decided to introduce Managed Services as an offering to all Stackla customers.

What is Stackla’s Managed Services?

Stackla’s Managed Service offering is designed to extend the capabilities of busy marketing teams, saving you both time and human resources by providing the assistance of our in-house experienced UGC experts.

Our Managed Services Consultants will help you manage and maintain your Stackla environment to ensure that your UGC is always fresh, effective and aligned with your marketing goals. Not only does our team help set up parameters for selecting the right UGC, but we also help in getting that content published across your marketing channels for you.

Here’s what Stackla’s Managed Services offerings include:

Implementation & Configuration

  • Overall stack management and administration – We oversee the daily management of your UGC and stacks within Stackla to make sure everything is working as it should.
  • Creation of UGC discovery terms – We set up the key terms (mentions, hashtags, keywords, locations, etc.) that are most important to your UGC strategy so that content discovery is fully streamlined.
  • Configuration of tagging structure – Organizing your UGC is made easy as we create a structure of tagging and set up automated workflows for your content within Stackla.
  • Establishment of publishing touchpoints – All the different marketing channels you want to feature UGC on (web widgets, emails, ads, social, etc.) will be set up to publish approved visuals.
  • Setting up analytics and managing reporting – Know the results of your UGC campaigns as we help you analyze performance over time with regular reports.

Curation & Moderation

  • Creation of UGC curation workflows – We set up everything so you’re efficiently curating the content you want, and not the content you don’t.
  • UGC content moderation in alignment with the customer’s brand guidelines – We assess your brand’s content guidelines and requirements so we can continually moderate the content that best reflects your branding and goals.
  • Sending and management of rights requests – We help establish your rights management messaging and workflows, sending out rights requests on your brand’s behalf according to your guidelines and UGC best practices.

Organic Influencers

  • Community creation – We will help you build your brand’s creator community, working with your team to create a private community portal that’s within your brand guidelines.
  • Influencer identification and outreach – Our team will identify those most likely to engage in your brand community and invite those individuals into an advocate program.
  • Ongoing management and reporting on the community – You will be regularly updated on how your brand community is growing, how much content they’re creating and how members are engaging with your brand.

What customers have to say

Fjord Tours

Norwegian travel company Fjord Tours has seen success in using Stackla’s Managed Services. Aiming to build up their asset library and improve engagement and conversion metrics on their website, Fjord Tours has quickly made progress towards achieving those UGC goals. In just the first two months of using Managed Services, Fjord Tours has already obtained over 825 authentic assets rights approved, published over 55 UGC galleries across their website, created 31 product tags to connect UGC to specific product offerings and implemented 70 automation rules to help optimize future actions within Stackla’s system.

“Without the Managed Services Stackla provided us, our team simply wouldn’t have had the time required to execute a comprehensive UGC strategy. Taking advantage of Managed Services has made it extremely easy for us to build an impressive library of authentic customer content, while also putting that visual social proof to use to drive engagement across our website. We’ve been able to show the more real, inspirational side of the business without having our team spread too thin, and, best of all, our audiences are loving the content!” – Bo Vibe, Head of Digital Marketing, Fjord Tours

How do I get started with MS?

To ensure customers get the most out of the Managed Services relationship, we put in place a robust onboarding process designed to meet the unique needs of your business. By working alongside your team to establish goals, define expectations, determine guidelines and set milestones, our Managed Services consultants can help improve and scale the ROI of your UGC strategy.

Here is what you can expect from our Managed Services onboarding process:

All of these processes and steps will be reviewed and approved by your team before our experts begin the work of making your UGC work better for you.

To get started with a Managed Services engagement, reach out to your dedicated customer success manager.

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